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Visit The East of Belitong Island

Province Bangka Belitong, Indonesia is located in the east of Sumatra Island near the south of Sumatra. Bangka Belitong is divided into two main islands that are Bangka and Belitong. Belitong has a tropical climate and mostly lowlands.


Manggar, the city of East Belitong has beautiful beach called Lalang. This tourist destination is usually crowded by visitors who want to see sunrise. Even more in the weekends the beach is crowded by local or tourist. Because Lalang beach is located at the very east of Belitong, you can see clearly the sunrise when the weather is nice and clear. The beach is only decorated by white sands and pine trees that made the atmosphere became shady and cool. The beach is safe for swimming because the waves are not so big.


Tourist can also feel the luxurious of Lalang beach from the top of Samak Hill. From the top Lalang coastline can be seen clearly. Samak Hill provides place to relax, children’s playground, dine, as well as souvenirs.

Belitong has its own Batik (a type of clothing) that’s unique and can usually used in important days. Tourist can buy there Batik in a souvenir shop in the market about 5-10 minutes drive from the beach. The souvenir store that’s provided by the local government provide many types of souvenirs such as dolls, handy-crafts, key-chains, shirts, even antique.


Manggar is also famous for its Warkop (Warung Kopi) which in English means coffee shops. There a lot of coffee shops in one spot, which provides their own particularities coffee. The coffee cost between USD 1-2.


/// Written by Arizani Rizki, Indonesia