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Escape the Real World at Camiguin Island

Are you bored and tired? Do you need a little unwinding? Well then, Camiguin Island welcomes you with its dazzling white beaches and crystal waters (you can’t resist it). It’s a place perfect for serene recreation and it’s just the place to satisfy your deepest desires for fun and amusement. The island is like no other that it offers a great package of surprises.

Camiguin, is a small island province that rests 10 kilometers off the coast of Misamis Oriental, Northern Mindanao. A traveler from the Mindanao region may go to Balingoan, Misamis Oriental then take an hour-long ferry ride to Camiguin Island. What awaits you there is a great selection of destinations and activities. From swimming and scuba diving to adventures like trekking, canyoning, and rappelling. A lot of people from across the globe visits the island every once in a while because they experience a different kind of escape from the real world. Like it is a magical paradise.

It’s not only magical but also historical, that’s why the Filipinos really value this place. One of its historical spots is the Sunken Cemetery. It got its name from an event that happened in 1871. The Vulcan Daan eruption caused an old cemetery near the coast to sink under water. Touching down the Sunken Cemetery gives about an overwhelming feeling of excitement and curiosity. Being a location reminiscent of the deceased, it is no wonder that the sunken cemetery is dramatic to imagination. The terrace and the cross are aged structure, and the reserved and mystifying air of the Sunken Cemetery only adds to its appeal especially for nature lovers. A Camiguin trip is not complete without experiencing the peculiar feeling of the place.


The same volcanic eruption destroyed an old convent. The remains of an Old Spanish church, ruins of adobe walls, belfry and convent are mute witnesses to the wrath of nature. It also allows us a glimpse into the culture of Spanish-era Camiguin. Now, the remains of the church turned out to be a tourist attraction. This is a place where you can reflect and think, breathe some fresh air and take pictures too. You can’t miss to shoot this historical place. No one can tell how a volcanic eruption can be beneficial (kidding there).


In Camiguin Island, swimming is not just out there in the white beaches. The Sto Niño Cold Spring is also a good place to wear you swim suits and to indulge yourself in the cool waters of the spring. They also offer an awesome quality of service for their visitors. You would surely enjoy the food there too.


You have known few of what Camiguin has got for you and this tiny island still offers a bunch of surprises yet unmentioned. Be gratified in this place and escape your real world in this little bliss of paradise.


/// Written by, Dawn Jamaca, The Philippines