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Green canyon, discover a new face of West Java, Indonesia

Beside Pangandaran beach at the southern side of West Java, another recreation area you can visit is Green Canyon. In local language, this place is also known as Cukang Taneuh. People call this place as a canyon because it has some similarities with Great Canyon in USA. As you can see there is even a similarity in pronouncing both ‘great’ and ‘green’ words. For some people, Green Canyon is actually a ‘clone’ from US Great Canyon.

Visiting Green Canyon is a very interesting thing you should do, if you want to ‘taste’ something different from nature expedition. There are so many interesting places you can go there, using mostly boats. However, there are some preparations you should take before visiting the place. Per my experience, following things are just standard preparation you should take if you want to truly enjoy every moment at Green Canyon.

First thing you should do is decide which route you want to take. If you depart from Jakarta, then you should better drive your vehicle to Tasikmalaya through Bandung. There you can choose whether to drive through eastern or southern route, but please keep in mind that between those routes, eastern side is more recommended than another one because it is less crowded and more safe.

Next, decide when you want to visit the place. It is strongly recommended that you go at early morning at weekdays. If you want to avoid the traffic, you should depart no later than 6.00 AM. One more thing, avoid visiting the place during rainy season because the place will be closed due to increasing water debit. The best moment, instead, is during dry season when you can find the water turns into clear green.

Take enough money during the visit because you will find neither bank nor ATM there. At least, you should prepare $50 or even more. It depends on what you’re planning to do there. You should also remember to bring extra clothes, in case you want to swim there. In addition, you may need to bring your camera, a waterproof one, to capture special moment while you’re swimming there. Considering the beauty of Green Canyon underwater nature, there is almost no one who ever missed special moment they will not find at other places they visit.

At last, another important thing you should prepare whenever you visit a place is where you will stay during your visit. In this case, you don’t have any need to worry because there are some lodgings you can find near the place with various room prices. For your good, better choose strategic lodging from which you can easily find nearby food stores.

There are so many interesting things you can do while visiting Green Canyon, however if you still feel they are not equal with your ‘life energy’, you can continue your trip to Pangandaran beach at the southern part of West Java. It usually takes less than 1 hour to go there from Green Canyon.


/// Written by Melisa Natasha Mumek, Indonesia