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Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan

Looking for an astonishing place in the Philippines where you can fully relaxed and enjoy your vacation to the fullest? Take a glimpse of this magnificent deep-blue color pristine sea as clear as the sky where the 123 exceptional islands serenely nestled.

The alluring coral island known as Hundres Islands

The alluring coral islands which was known as Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan was the most popular and most recommended place to visit at the Northern Philippines for all types of travellers. For riding a private vehicle, it is a three to four hour drive from the zero kilometers marked at the Rizal Park in Manila, the capital city. For those who are travelling intrepid, you can reach Alaminos thru riding a Victory Liner bus at Cubao, Quezon City which costs about $9. The travel time was approximately five to six hours. Upon arriving at Alaminos, you may go straight towards Lucap Terminal then ride a tricycle going to Lucap Wharf which usually cost 0.5$ per person but will only leave once full, about four to five passengers per trike. At the Lucap Wharf, register and pay for the Hundred Island Park Fees, about 0.5$ for day tour and 1$ for an overnight.

The island people showcase and protect wild life animals such as crab-eating macaque, common palm civet, sea cow, Fraser Dolphins, gecko, monitor lizards, species of sea turtles, sea snakes, pythons, various kinds of bats and rodents. These inhabitants were protected in a National Park that was managed by the Local Government of Alaminos. There were only three islands that were developed for tourism in order to retain the natural wonder in this city. The three islands were the Governor Island, Quezon Island and the Children’s Island. Northwest from the National Park is the Cabarruyan Island, the largest island, which was referred as the mother island of all hundred islands.

The sea and the different islands were extravagant that you would wish to spend all your vacation and holidays staying here, enjoying the impeccable views and spontaneous activities which were offered by the locals; snorkeling was the cheapest one they’ve offered, there you can enjoy watching the sceneries and interacting with the marine life up close and personal under the sea for only 2$, you can also rent a boat for kayaking, canoeing and island hopping which costs about 16$ to 23$ for day tour and 28$ to 40$ for night tour, though the prices may vary depending on the size and availability of the boats and the boat operators. For an overnight, it is highly recommended to bring your own camping tent though you can also rent a cottage or room for 4$ to 40$.

Overall, the activities were exciting, superb and life changing. Aside from the breathtaking scenic views of the islands and the extremely unforgettable underwater adventure, you will fell in love with the nature’s most beautiful creation, the different wild animals and sea creatures.