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Jet’s Container Market, Phnom Penh

So it’s a relatively warm night it Phnom Penh, Cambodia and my girlfriend and I decide to check out Jet’s Container Market. Officially opened in March earlier this year the Cambodian company Jet Group invested $400,000 into Cambodia’s first cargo container market. With 24 modified cargo containers and 224 stalls for restaurants,shops and bars it was definitely something new for the locals of Phnom Penh. Container markets have be quite popular in other major cities such as Singapore, London and Bangkok and Phnom Penh was no exception. The Jet Group took this concept and ran with it, so much so that they will be investing an extra $500,000 to expand the market and bring in an additional 16 containers to bring the grand total to 40 containers and 316 stalls.

Jet’s Container Market offers a lot of variety

Making our way to the market entrance the first thing you see is the big yellow Jet’s Container Market sign along with the massive sea of people browsing the various stalls looking for the best prices. It was quite busy and at times you would have to zigzag around people who would stop and stare at signs or clothing their loved ones were trying on. A variety of clothes were on sale but clothing for woman dominated the majority of the stalls followed by men and children with the last being toys. Average prices were as follows…

Shoes female $5
Shirts/Blouses $5-10
Sandals/Slippers $3-7
Sunglasses $5

As you can see the prices are not bad and I’m sure if you have some skill in haggling you can negotiate a better price or get yourself a good deal on a bunch of clothes. Towards the end of the shopping area of the market you see all the various mini restaurants and bars.

From pizzas to noodles, barbecues and burgers I’m sure you can satisfy any craving you may have while you’re out in Jet’s Market. Various open air restaurant side by side with some containers stacked 2 high to give you that “roof top” feel. After getting some food you can make your way to the countless bar containers they have as well. Some having live music, others just blasting club music, you see all the various people drinking and enjoying themselves it clear to see why this market has become quite the hot spot in Phnom Penh.

It’s literally a one stop shop for all you would want to do on an evening out. You can go get some shopping done get something to eat and then meet up with friends and have some drinks all in one place. It’s definitely a fun thing to do if you’re free one evening by yourself or with a group of friends and I definitely recommend checking out Jet’s Container Market the next time you’re in Phnom Penh.

Jet’s Container Market is on National Assembly Street, near Street 78 and its hours are 4pm-11pm every day