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Jetsetting to the island paradise, The Philippines

As the sun rose up and the day was unfolding its splendor, I basked in the glorious sunrise, and listened to the refreshing sounds of nature. From that moment, I knew exactly where I want to be for in my heart I only felt pure bliss. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, and from our balcony, saw the rays of the sun stretching across the clear turquoise waters engulfing the darkness to begin a new morning. Travellers say that the island is a paradise with an urban night-life vibe, but from my point of view, they forgot to mention, how it all began…why people love to keep on coming back to the shores of Boracay.

Describing Boracay may have been melodramatic but I could not help but express my feelings of gladness. The fine sand, the tranquil waters, and the good vibration are the main reasons why people are so nostalgic about this place. Located in the Western part of the Visayas region, the island has been favored as the top destination in the Philippines and requires no great effort to find it since key cities all over the country offer convenient flights and sea ferries all year long to cater a budget-friendly expedition. But for the first time traveller, one must be aware of five main points: getting there, miscellaneous fees, hotel accommodations, hot spots, and what to do in the island.

Before reaching the island paradise, one must pass through Boracay’s mainland town, Caticlan. From there, one takes a vehicle for hire to reach the Cagban port where small yachts and ferries are stationed, but be ready though to spare some loose change to pay for the various terminal and environmental fees before entering the harbor. Upon arriving, small vehicles for rent such as: motor tricycles and small jeeps await the travellers to transport them to Boracay’s main hub, the infamous White Beach.


The White Beach is divided into three main stations: Station One, where most celebrities would stay, is home to elaborate and lavish high end resorts, Station Two, which can be overcrowded at times, is best known for their mid-range hotels, restaurants, and bars, and the last but not the least, Station Three is fit for those who seek the simple lifestyle, are on a budget, and those who simply want peace and relaxation. Overall, whichever station you are staying, one can still enjoy the beautiful beach, the different watersport activities, and the amazing crystal clear waters.


During the summer months which is roughly between: March to May, the island becomes personified. Parties, events, concerts, and shows are held in different stations to mark the beginning of summer, but for the faint hearted and those who seek serenity, one can opt for a more subdued attraction such as the Puka Beach and the Bulabong Beach or one can merely rent a small sail boat called, Paraw for a romantic sunset getaway. However, for those who seek fun and adventure, one can do mountain climbing, parasailing, snorkeling, island hopping, kiteboarding, visiting the Crystal Cove which is an underground bat cave and even conquer one’s fear of heights by jumping off Ariel’s Point.

Whatever it is you desire, do it with your heart’s content. After all, the very reason people come to this place is to escape the frantic city life and just enjoy nature’s beauty, and with so many activities to choose from, believe me, twenty four hours is definitely not enough! Some tourist stay in the island for a month, some for a year, but a few others have fallen so deeply in love with the mystical beauty of the island that they decided to take permanent residency. So while you’re in Boracay, simply relish the moment, indulge, and most of all, never waste a single moment for it will be forever remembered as a sweet symphony of bliss.


/// Written by Eva Dominique Salipong, The Philippines