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La Union; Where Surfing and Filipino Cuisine Meets

“See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me”

Whenever I hear these lines from the song in the movie Moana, it reminds me of the massive waves and the pristine beaches I used to frequently see in my hometown. It reminds me of how tourists are in awe every time they see the beauty and wonder of the waters. Clearly, I can say that beaches are one of the best gifts of nature.

The Philippines is known to be an archipelagic country which has many beautiful beaches. Boracay, Siargao, and Baler are three of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Tourists flock these places all-year round due to their crystal clear water, and the beautiful sceneries that they can offer. The sea is inscribed in Filipino’s life and culture. The locals love beaches because it is where people get fishes, seaweeds, clams, and whatnot. The young folks love to go to the beaches because it offers them an escape from their stressful work or their academics. Still, there are still places in the country that has beautiful beaches that are yet to be known by the world. An example of this would be the province of La Union. It is situated in the northern part of Philippines and is known as the Surfing Capital of the North due to its big waves which are very suitable for surfing.

La Union; expect music, food and surfing

The La Union Surfing Break, the most awaited event in La Union, is a three day event that celebrates Filipinos love for music, food and as well as the art of surfing. Expect that there would be many local and foreign tourists; and hotels, restaurants, and inns are all jam packed. Filipino celebrities are also expected to enjoy the surfing break. It is packed with events such as beach games, surfing competitions, as well as parties at night.

It is not just the beach life that you would enjoy here. As a foodie, what I really enjoy here is the food. Restaurants have flourished here since the town has gained popularity. Last week, I went home to celebrate the holidays; of course, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to eat the mouth-watering dishes the restaurants can offer. There are a lot of restaurants here that offers various cuisines. The Surf Shack, a restaurant that takes inspiration, well as the name suggests, to surfing. It highlights local cuisine with a twist. For example, the famous Bacnotan Longganisa (the Filipino version of sausage) usually served during breakfast is fused with pizza. One of my favorite, the Feelin’ Clammy dish, which gives you a bountiful amount of clams – is cooked with wine and baked with lots of cheese. If it is you first time to visit the Philippines, you should try dining at Coast Call. It serves both Filipino and American cuisine. You shouldn’t miss the Salu-Salo food tray which gives you the best of the best Filipino food – Crispy Pata (deep fried pork knuckles), Sinigang (sour pork soup with tamarinds), Adobo (a favorite Filipino savory dish) and more.

San Juan, La Union is not just a town that celebrates the art and the beauty of surfing, but it also highlights the best of Filipino cuisine. Nothing can beat the Philippines with its pristine and untouched beaches, such as San Juan, because as we Filipinos say, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.”

/// Written by Aster Joshua Mostrales, The Philippines

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