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Logos is coming to Town!

After looking into my dusty Bookshelf, I found the Big Hard Cover ones named “Inside the Revolution by Joel C. Rosenberg” lays down. Who’s J.C. Rosenberg? And what’s the detail about? – Let’s forget them for a while. The name and detail inside are not necessary for this article any more but price tag that stuck behinds and amazing place where I took this book back home are so more interesting!
Backing into Mar 2013 approximately 8 months ago, I remember the crowd were queue up in the busily atmosphere. I recognized the joyful sound from children and their parents when the big white gate was opened. A European crew waving his hand invited us for walking up the gangway to get onto the ship. Ship? – Yes, you’re reading correctly. My article today is about Ship – The fantastic Ship named “Logos Hope”!




Logos Hope owned by OM Ships International, the Non-Profit Organization from Germany. The ship‘s sailing on the open sea and ashore in many countries with special goals. To bring knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world by supplying vital literature resources, encouraging cross-cultural understanding, training and sharing a message of hope in God wherever there is opportunity and so on. For these reasons, make this ship has to load a thousand of Books insides. Sound likes haven of the Bookworms!!

After my right foot stepped into the Logos ship, I got kindly invitation from multi-national crews. They shook my hand and guiding me to visit around. The main hall renovate to be a presentation room where I spend a hour setting and listening the big white ship’s history. Many children around me are concentrating on this presentation with silently sound. The crews presents in bilingual (English & Thai) that make the audience (mostly Thais) easy to get the point. I think this section is so important very much. Because of its make us know about proposes that the ship has building for. These are shaped our demand to match with their supply. I need book – They also provide book plus hope. I need hope – They decide to provide me hope plus moral support etc. And the most essential thing that I found while I sat and attend this presentation is “Even Times make ones stronger but history make ones remember who we are.” Then I walk to the next part of the ship.

Wow! Hill of Books!! So many!! , I exclaimed after enter the ship’s bookstore section. There have various kinds of books from cartoons for child to political issues for guys are able to find here. As I introduced you on the first of this article, J.C. Rosenberg’s book I also found at here. So many points that made this bookstore different from others where I used to visit before. First, is about location – on the boat that so wired! Second, is about price – was so cheap – you can find the big hard cover ones with the half price and find the most less than 4$! Third, the reason that I love the most is- all of books inside this ship come from donated by all of people around the world!! People from the place that this ship via such as Manama in Bahrain, Colombo in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Tripoli in Libya, Freetown in Sierra Leone etc.


I’m walking down the gangway to get in the port. After 3 hours inside this fantastic ship – leave me a memory that I couldn’t forget. The memories that I realize the taste of chances. Not just a chance which lucky to visit this ship but a chance which I have freedom to choose the way of life, a chance that I able to read write and enjoy with books, a chance that I live in the peaceful environment and a chance that I have smile. By the way, Logos Hope Ship yelled me “It’s time to share!!”

/// Written by Watchara Intrasombat, Thailand