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Midway White Beach Resort

What would you like to do most on a sunny day? What comes to your mind when the heat seems to be so irritating and yet persuasive? Without even forcing it, you would want to go to a beach, isn’t it? You would want to go and enjoy the sun instead of letting it destroy your day. In other words, sunny days make you want to go and frolick under the sun. Isn’t this a good way to go along with nature?

Just along the boundaries of Iligan and CDO is Midway White Beach Resort. Yes, you have heard it just right. There is a place nearby that offers cheap yet elegant ways to spend a day or two. Who said that white sand beaches don’t exist here? In Midway, you’ve got almost all you’re looking for in famous resorts in the more urbanized areas in Manila, Palawan and other places in the Philippines renowned for their white sand beaches.


Now, people from Iligan City, CDO and oter nearby towns and municipalities need not to spend extensive amounts just to experience what people from the Southern part of the Philippines experience. People with tight budgets need not to worry anymore. Midway is not only an alternative. It is indeed an EXPERIENCE like no other.

Midway has cheap rooms and cottages that could accommodate a good number of people who want to stay at the place for a night, or for a whole-week vacation. It also offers different adventures as the resort also offers Island Hopping, a round-trip across the whole vicinity, the famous zip-line above the sea, rich diving experiences, and a whole lot more you wouldn’t believe they actually have for their customers.

Now, think of this: Why would you bother to go somewhere inaccessible and considerably at high prices? With just a look around, or sometimes, away from even a small city, you’ll find that you are where what you’re looking for is at. The point here is that there are actually places you could go instead going somewhere else far, or really impossible to be in.

What’s best about MIDWAY:

First, I think that MIDWAY is an underrated place. It surely deserves attention from the public, and it’s good that as it shows, it is slowly getting there. By the way, the resort is a young one and it is improving from time to time.

Second, it is a perfect venue for any event. One could go beaching, playing, partying (yes there are night parties in Midway), wedding events, birthdays, photo-shoots, reunions, gathering (big and small). You name it, Midway’s got a way for it. The nearby hotels are a big, big plus!
Addition Information: There are also nearby resorts along the vicinity but by far, Midway is the most perfect choice. Many prefer it over the others. Some would even say that pretty soon, Midway is definitely going to be one of the most sought-out places for everybody who wishes to have a really good time.