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Mines View Park – Baguio City’s Heartthrob

There is no way that a tourist gets to visit the famous summer capital of the Philippines without getting a glimpse of its heartthrob, the Mines View Park.

It overlooks the mining town of Itogon, particularly the abandoned gold and copper mines of the Benguet Corporation, together with a sight of the Amburayan Valley – Hence, the name Mines View.

It is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the city of Baguio, no traveler should miss this when they visit the city. Other than the spectacular view, the park hosts different tourist attractions.

There’s a St. Bernard dog that you can take pictures with and it only costs Php50.00 for 3 shots from your phone. People of all ages are drawn to the cuteness of the dog teamed with the cold weather and warmness of the people in Baguio.

Another attraction are the different horses posed throughout the park in which you can also take pictures with for only Php50.00 for 3 shots from your phone as well. There is a horse that that are more popular than the others as her hair is color pink, though artificially colored, the horse is definitely sporting its pink locks.

To further enjoy the view of the park, there is also a place there where you can rent binoculars for only Php20.00 for 5 minutes, it is situated near the viewing deck and with the help of it you would feel closer to the scenic view of Mines View.

One more popular activity within the park is the Ifugao costume rental place, you can rent native Ifugao clothes and take pictures for only Php20.00 per shot. You would surely feel the Baguio vibe when you rent out the costumes and take pictures with your family and friends.

Lastly, no trip to the Mines View Park will be complete without tasting it’s ever popular Strawberry Taho – It is a soy based snack with tapioca pearls mixed with Strawberry syrup. This drink will surely make you giggle as its warmness is a perfect combination to the cold weather of the city.

If ever you will hit the Summer capital of the Philippines, make sure that you visit the Mines View Park as it will surely leave that heartthrob impression to you. It is breath taking and will surely make you giggle in awe.