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Nusantara Flower Park, The beauty of Indonesia

Among so many places in Indonesia, Bogor is not as popular as other places, such as Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Medan, Raja Ampat, or other places. That is mainly because most people believe that the only one they can see at Bogor is building and building. Instead you are working there, there is no need to visit this place. Well, this assumption is not totally wrong at all, but it is not true either. There are still some interesting places you can see in Bogor, even though they are not located near the city. You need to find some places nearby to find a place which will satisfy you. Among those few places, Nusantara Flower Park always become alternative for everyone who live in Bogor, but wants to find something nearby where they can retreat from their life, refresh and recharge their energy by bringing their family too.

Located at Kawungluwuk village, Nusantara Flower Park was built during second President of Indonesia, Soeharto who is also known as Development Father of Indonesia. Some people think that person behind this place is not the President, but his wife. Just like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which is also another project of the First Lady at that time and now still become a great pride for Indonesia even though there are still some incomplete parts.

Inaugurated by the second President at September 10th, 1995, Nusantara Flower Park has become a national pride. If you are a flower lover, you should not miss to visit this place because among so many places in Indonesia you can visit, this is the only place where you can find almost every flower you can find in this world. No matter which kind of flower species you are looking for or you love, it should be at this place. You just need to walk a bit to find the flower you’re looking for. However, since Indonesia is located at the equator most flowers planted here originated from tropical land such as Australia, South America, Africa, Asia etc.

Another thing that makes this park different and unique from other flower parks is flower are kept in their best appearance, so you will never find rotten flower here. Furthermore, there are so many florists at that place who makes special structures and decorations using only flowers you can find at the park. There will be no chance for everyone not to amaze once you see these decorations, even though the life time of each flower species in this park is no longer than 3 months. This makes the park management should spend a lot of money to keep the flowers always in enough quantity.

Well, it is not Indonesia if you can’t find unique and beautiful things. Inside this complex, you can find some smaller parks, such as French, America, or Mediterranean. At these place, special flowers originated from the area planted and kept. It fells like you are at French or America or Far East if you visit the small park.

/// Written by Melisa Natasha Mumek, Indonesia