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Pha Keb Tawan, Nakhon Ratchasima

Pha Keb Tawan, different than the norm

One of Thailand’s eastern provinces, Nakhon Ratchasima, also sometimes referred to as Khorat, is known for its splendid national parks and areas of scenic and natural beauty.

The mountainous area of Wang Nam Khiao offers splendid views, natural activities and attractions, cool temperatures, and fresh air. Indeed, it is said to have the best ozone in all of Thailand!

Thap Lan National Park, which is Thailand’s second-largest national park, is just one place of natural interest that you can visit in when enjoying Wang Nam Khiao. Pha Keb Tawan is a fun highlight of the park, offering something a bit different to the norm …

Catapults to Help Nature

One of the major things to do at the cliff at Pha Keb Tawan is to buy a bag of large seeds and send them soaring off the cliff top and into the lush forest below, the aim being that the seeds will take root and grow to produce a new tree. You don’t just throw your seeds, though; the method of getting the large seeds into the forest is by using a catapult! Have fun and see how far you can project the seeds and make a wish that they will grow and add to the greenery. It costs around 50 THB to buy a bag containing around ten chestnut-sized seeds, and you’ll be given a small hand-held catapult to use.

If you’re feeling particularly competitive, though, why not try using one of the large catapults at the edge of the cliff? These supersized catapults are free to use, so long as you have your seeds, and you can watch your seed on its trajectory through the air after you release the strong elastic.

The Beautiful Views at Pha Keb Tawan

As well as adding to the verdant growth in a fun way, you can also admire the sweeping views of nature from the top of the cliff. Fields of different colors stretch out in front of you, with small villages and agricultural buildings to break up the different shades of green. Majestic mountains rise in the distance, putting an end to the green patchwork-blanket effect of the green hues.

Other Attractions within the National Park

The expansive Thap Lan National Park has many walking trails traversing the varied terrain, offering incredible views, and giving visitors the chance to spot an assortment of flora and fauna as well as natural features. Wild animals that call the park home include elephants, tigers, deer, buffaloes, monkeys, and bears, as well as different species of bird, rodent, and mammal. Look out for the fan palm, a pretty rare plant. There are a number of nice waterfalls around the national park, with Huai Yai being one of the most popular. A tall waterfall, the powerful water crashes down over the rocks to meet the pool at the bottom. Other waterfalls within Thap Lan National Park include Heo Nok Kok, Bor Thong, and Huai Kum Phu.

Practical Information

Visitors must pay an entrance fee to Thap Lan National Park; the cost for foreign visitors is 200 Thai baht. Additional fees apply if you are driving your own vehicle around the park. Pha Keb Tawan can be found close to one of the park’s main entrance points, and there is a parking area right at the cliff. Having your own transport is highly recommended, though it is possible to get the park’s entrance using public transport.