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Save Money On Your Repeat Trips To The Philippines

2017 was the Philippines’ greatest year for tourism. 6,620,908 foreign tourists touched down in the country, according to the Department of Tourism. This was an impressive increase of 11% compared to 2016’s figures. Top Destination Choice The Philippines reports that the Philippines currently has the highest number of repeat visitors throughout Asia, at 54.22%. Therefore, if you’re heading to the country for business or to enjoy a great Philippines road trip, here’s how to cut the cost of your trip.

Take out a loan

On September 19, two of the country’s biggest airlines, Philippine Airlines, and Cebu Pacific Air increased their ticket prices. As a result, the cost of flying into and around the Philippines is more expensive than it was this time last year. One way to cover the rising cost of your trip to the Philippines is to carefully plan your finances before you travel. By taking out a personal loan, you’ll be able to cover the cost of your ticket, accommodation, as well as any expenses. A loan is also a great way to get your hands on cash quick, which is beneficial for flyers who regularly travel on the spur of the moment.

Clear your cookies

Research has revealed that it’s common for airlines to increase the price of a flight based on your search history. Airlines state they don’t do this and typically say that prices fluctuate due to glitches or inventory updates. However, a 2016 study found that in 59% of cases, fares across nine airline ticketing websites were higher when searched for on a browser with cleared cookies compared to one with its cookies intact. Therefore, whether you’re browsing for tickets on the go on either your phone or tablet, or using your laptop, make sure to clear your cookies before you confirm your booking.You can also avoid cookies altogether by first connecting to a VPN for the Philippines when searching for your flight.

Protect yourself & your trip

When you’re planning on flying to the Philippines it’s essential that you’ve got adequate travel insurance. Travel insurance protects you should you suddenly have to cancel your trip at last minute. Furthermore, your medical expenses will be covered if you develop one of the country’s most common illnesses, such as a mosquito-borne disease. As a frequent flyer, it’s also wise and more cost-effective to take out an annual policy rather than individual policies. Annual cover protects you for every trip you make to the Philippines for an entire year. Therefore,  you’ll be protected for any last minute bookings you make, in addition to ones made in advance.

Tourism in the Philippines is booming and the number of visitors who return time and time again is growing. However, with flight costs rising, you can get the most out of your trip by covering your costs with a loan, clearing your cookies to ensure you get the best price and taking out an annual travel insurance policy.