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Sights and tastes, The Philippines

Many of us want to be in Zen, or we want to relax when we go to a place and have our time away from technology, aside from the daily grind of the city, aside from the stress of work, or even figure out where there’s no one that can annoy you or just you want to be alone when you work on something. In the Philippines, especially on the southernmost part, around 1000+ kms away from the capital of the state, there are still some undiscovered places where only a few know about. One of which is Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. This is one situation where you can just sit in a hut by the lake, where it is quiet and relaxing, or you can even get a boat ride around the lake and just enjoy the cool weather that is just right for you to relax during sunrise, not too cold, not too hot. And if you are a nature lover, you can just start from the spot where you checked in and just take a hike off to the mountains where you can discern one of the infamous 7 falls of Lake Sebu.



And if hiking and relaxing is not enough, there are also a selection of foods to choose from, one of which is not just available anywhere you can go. We all know that tilapias or otherwise known as St. Peter’s fish is served as a delicacy in some restaurants around the world, but here you can delight yourself on tilapia that’s served as an appetizer or even snacks. Freshly caught from the lake pen where you stay, these tilapia are deep fried until it becomes crispy and then it is served with coconut vinegar, with or without some spices to make it even more exciting because of the aroma it gives off. This treat is called chicharon tilapia.


So when in the Philippines and you want don’t want an overly crowded beach and just want to relax in the suburbs and enjoy the fresh mountain air, you can go to Lake Sebu, South Cotab


/// Written by Joseph Benjamin Jireh Pabellon, The Philippines