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Singapore’s Must-Eat Adventures

If you are looking forward to visiting Singapore for business, employment, or vacation, one of the things you will enjoy most is the cuisine. The island is known for a variety of dishes that are heavily influenced by the local Malay people, Chinese, Indian, and European countries. Upon your arrival to the country, it is good to know where to start. We have lined up a variety of places you need to visit to enjoy local food while in Singapore. Read on to learn more.

Hawker Centers

These are also called food courts by foreigners. They have a common large sitting place but offer different dishes from different restaurants. You can sample as many dishes as you want and all are sold at affordable prices. Apart from tented outdoors hawker centers, you can now find some indoor stalls in popular shopping malls in Singapore. They are usually crowded by both locals and tourists who want to have a taste of what they have to offer.

Singapore Food Festival

Although you will only enjoy this fare in July of every year, it is worth trying if you are in the country. It has all culinary activities including cooking competitions for everyone to enjoy the diversity of food in Singapore. According to travel and migration experts at One Visa, a significant number of foreigners want to visit the country at this time to enjoy a variety of food. Both native locals, Chinese, and Indians among others showcase their culinary skills here. Food is also very cheap or discounted to affordable prices.

Little India

If you want to go for an Indian food adventure while in Singapore, you can get a lot of it here. Little India is a large market for Indians living in Singapore where they sell spices and traditional Indian ingredients. They also have restaurants that cook native Indian foods with ground spices and fresh herbs. It is one of the few places you can enjoy fresh curry dishes and any other Indian food of your choice.

China Town

The Chinese are known to have settled here many years back and have established deep roots. They brought along their cuisine and the best place to enjoy such food is China Town. It is a location where Chinese are concentrated and they conduct a number of businesses here. Most of the restaurants offer native Chinese food. Most tourists can be seen around this area looking for Chinese food, especially if they are on an adventure for it.


It is easy to get any food that you want from popular restaurants in Singapore. Some of them are in shopping malls, and they offer common continental dishes and local foods. Seafood dominates most of the dishes in the country since it is an island. However, food from these restaurants can be expensive and you need to know the price first, especially if you are on a budget.


Singapore has one of the best food cultures in the world. This is because it has diversity in cuisine just like their culture. With the above recommendations, your adventure will remain a memorable one.