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Tagaytay: A Quick Escape from City Chaos

Whenever my friends and I feel that we can no longer take the heat or chaos in Manila, we’d always go on a road trip to Tagaytay, which we like to call “little Baguio.” Like Baguio, it’s a little colder up here. The atmosphere is relaxing too. But what you’d love about Tagaytay is that it’s only three hours or less away from Manila, whereas Baguio is eight to 10 hours away.

The last time we visited Tagaytay was early this year. It was in February so the weather was a bit chilly. The most famous attraction in the city is Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world. It’s also called the “volcano within an island within a lake.” We took a boat ride across the Taal Lake and went on a horseback riding adventure to the summit. Tiring yes, but definitely enjoyable. One of our friends who didn’t want to go horseback riding went up the Tagaytay Ridge, where she enjoyed a scenic view of the volcano.

Another Tagaytay spot that we love is the Picnic Grove. It’s located along Aguinaldo Highway. There are many activities to do while you’re here—strolling, picnicking, kite flying and horseback riding. Do all these with picturesque views as your backdrop.

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Palace in the Sky. We all know that it’s the uncompleted presidential guesthouse of former president Ferdinand Marcos, which was constructed for the state visit of former US president Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy. This mansion offers a mind-blowing vista of the Taal Volcano, Taal Lake and Laguna de Bay.

It’s always a worthwhile experience to come up here and relax for a while. It never fails to calm and soothe our nerves, especially when the stresses of the concrete jungle are starting to get to us.

/// Written by Wendeline Garcia, The Philippines