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The Best Hotels in the World That Should Be on Your Bucket List

Going somewhere outside of your hometown or home country for a holiday or even a business trip is exciting and enjoyable, but it takes a lot of preparation, too. One thing that you must think of before you travel is accommodation.

If you are the kind of person who gives importance to accommodation and enjoys luxury travel, you must stay in a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels are stylish upscale hotels with modern and exclusive amenities and efficient customer service. Certainly, your travel experience will be extraordinarily pleasant and luxurious.

All About Boutique Hotels

Most boutique hotels are fashionably elegant and designed with a theme. It is a small hotel that has around 10 to 100 rooms with exotic and complete amenities. It first appeared in the 1980s in New York, Paris, London, and San Francisco. Today, there are many boutique hotels around the world. Some of these hotels are also found in a resort.

8 Best Boutique Hotels in the World

With our relentless provision of information about traveling and lifestyle, we have rounded up the following best boutique hotels in the world that you should include in your bucket list:

  1. Mojo Nomad, Hong Kong

Mojo Nomad is a boutique hotel which can provide a unique experience when visiting. This hotel features small, medium, large and extra large room sizes that can hold a number of guests. For the digital nomad travelling the world, they provide convenience with fast Wi-Fi which is great for those who need to work and travel at the same time. Within Mojo Nomad central lies a great eating area and restaurant with a number of food options to choose from for any taste buds. With a minimalistic setting you can be comfortable but not overwhelmed while travelling through Hong Kong.

  1. Qualia, Whitsundays, Australia

Qualia is a world-class luxury resort located on Hamilton Island in Whitsundays, Australia. It has about 60 private elegant pavilions overlooking the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays Islands. The pavilions are spacious and finished with natural tones of timber, stone, and glass. You will enjoy its serene ambiance provided by the peaceful waters and lush greeneries. You could see the spectacular views from each room. It is such an absolutely relaxing experience to stay at this hotel.

  1. Annandale Scrubby Bay, Pigeon Bay, New Zealand

Annandale Scrubby Bay in New Zealand is one of the winners of the annual Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards for the best boutique hotels around the world. This hotel has an award-winning architecture with a classic and luxurious design. You would certainly enjoy the privacy in this boutique hotel as well as its stunning views, including the waters of the Pacific and the rolling hills of the Banks Peninsula.

  1. Dedon Island Resort, Siargao Island, Philippines

Have a complete unwinding experience and enjoy the seascapes at Dedon Island Resort, also referred to as Nay Palad Hideaway, situated in the heart of Siargao Island in the Philippines. The boutique hotel consists of a luxury villa collection that is surrounded by mangrove forests and soft white-sand beaches. There are lots to see in this island, including the underground caves and a tropical jungle, among others. Also, you could swim on the blue ocean and explore deep-sea fishing. Dedon Island Resort is among the top picks of Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards for the best boutique hotels in the world.

  1. Ca Maria Adele, Venice, Italy

Dubbed as the most romantic boutique hotel in the world since 2014, Ca Maria Adele offers the perfect stay if you are visiting Italy. Its design blends the East and West and conveys the language of romance. It is also considered the world’s most inspired design hotel.

  1. Le Roch Hotel and Spa, Paris, France

If you are heading to visit the city of Paris in France, have a comfortable stay at Le Roch Hotel and Spa. It is considered as the best-dressed hotel because of its world-class services. This boutique hotel has 37 rooms that are elegantly furnished. The ambiance is cozy and the service is great.

  1. Akademie Street, Franschhoek, South Africa

Akademie Street in South Africa is an award-winning boutique hotel. It received the World’s Best Boutique Hotel award in 2017. It is considered as Africa’s most romantic boutique hotel. It has a luxurious interior design with a touch of African culture.

  1. Taylor River Lodge, Almont, USA

If you are traveling with a family and all of you like adventure, the Taylor River Lodge in the United States is the ideal place for you. You would love the outdoor activities it provides, such as ax throwing, gun shooting, river rafting, biking, and hiking. Also, the lodge has luxe cabins and lodges with complete amenities. Certainly, your family will enjoy their stay at this hotel.

Discover these best boutique hotels in the world. With their stunning rooms, beautiful designs, world-class amenities, and awe-inspiring views, truly you will have a luxury travel experience that you will never forget!