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Things You Should Have With You When You Are on an Asia Travel

Asia is a beautiful and diverse continent that attracts a huge number of tourist in all seasons. A lot of people have now decided to travel and have already chosen then their favorite destinations in the beautiful Asian continent. Here is the list of items you should pack when you are on an Asia travel.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a very essential thing you should keep with you when you are out on an Asia travel. Depending on the Asian countries you will be visiting, healthcare is a must, so you should have a proper health insurance card in your wallet when you are on travel.

Universal Power Adapter

A power adapter is very much important when you are on a travel. If you are planning to visit multiple countries of Asia, then it’s best to have an all-in-one type power adapter. Generally, in Asian countries, power outlets are of 220 volts, but some specific countries vary.


In Asia, you will find many trekking and camping spots. For small trips and camping, a small backpack is a very good item to carry out all your necessary stuff with you.

Rain Jacket

Rain jacket is must if you are travelling in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia as rains are heavy in this region. A rain jacket is perfect to continue your journey because the area you are travelling to is rain-prone area.


Travel packing is incomplete without your toiletries as it is one of the most important things you will be needing during your whole travel. Pack all your toiletries in a small bag and you are done for a hygienic and safe journey.


Your passport is the entry card in Asia. Without passport you can’t be able to enter in any Asian country. Make sure before leaving for airport that your passport is not expired or is not going to expire. Do keep a photocopy of your passport with you along with other necessary documents which are required during travelling.

Credit cards

Without a credit card, your travel journey in Asia will not start. A secured credit card with a good credit score is an essential item in your packing list. Travelling with a credit card offers many benefits, from cheaper lights to zero foreign transaction fees. It depends on which type of credit card you are using for your travel. Check this link https://www.crediful.com/secured-credit-card/ to know more about secured credit cards.


Padlocks are necessary to keep your backpacks and trolleys safe and secure. If you are staying in hostels, then you can also use them on lockers.

SIM card

Get a global SIM card to be connected with your friends and families and save your money on international calls, data usage and texts. It is a lifesaver when you are planning to travel to the world’s biggest continent: Asia.

Medicines & First Aid Kit

It’s not that you will not get pharmaceutical shops throughout Asia, but the prescribed medicines you take may be sold under different names and brands. Bring your important medicines with you, especially those that you consume for your allergies (if any). You can also bring copies of doctor’s prescription. Most of the prescribed medicines are directly available in Asian drug shops. Also, have a first aid kit with you. It’s good to have one for emergency backup.


You will love your travel to Asia as it a continent rich in flora and fauna, beautiful metro cities, peaceful villages, mountains, lakes, and other beautiful things. Pack all the items listed above and start your Asia journey.