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Top Singapore Hotels for the Best Night Sleep

Ni hao wonderful people – tourists and resident tourists alike! Whether you’re coming to have a glimpse of the majestic Gardens by the Bay, or you want a taste of the zoo; whether you want to fulfill your fantasy of the walking through the beautiful botanic gardens, or want to confirm the rumors of the massive entertainment to be beheld in the Clarke Quay down on Orchard road, you just won’t be disappointed at all. Singapore has a variety to offer both tourists visiting and the residents can never cover all the beauty of Singapore.

Nonetheless, you might have such beautifully spent days at all these sites, but you end up in a macabre state at night. Well, that’s not really satisfying, is it? You’ll end up loathing your days if you don’t get to maximize your nights too. Kamil Spark, an expert at mattressmatchers.com, claims that the biggest challenge for tourists isn’t in finding the sites to visit; rather, it’s in finding the most suitable places to lay their tired asses after long days touring wherever and whenever.

That’s primarily led us to focus on the best places for you to visit that’ll offer you both a load of entertainment and great value while you’re at it. Hope you overstay your welcome; after all, the ornament of a house is the friendly person who frequents it.

High-End Hotels with Awesome Value

The tourism and service industry in Singapore has developed as the country’s economy has experienced an ascension over the past years. With the wide options in tourist sites which offer a majestic escape, you won’t miss a hotel that matches up to your expectations. Nonetheless, a little help in plotting your way through all the sublime wouldn’t hurt.

Marina Bay

You haven’t lived if you haven’t been to the awesome Marina Bay Hotel. With panoramic views, swanky bars and restaurants and its close proximity to major attraction sites, you’ll be coming back for a stronger dose of Marina. Marina Bay Sounds will, however, require you to be well prepared with your credit cards if you are to check into this paradise escapade – it’s more than worth it.

Raffles Singapore

Of all the customer reviews we’ve gone through, Raffles was the highest rated with a strong 9.5 rating. Matter of fact, rarely will you find empty rooms in this haven; you need to book months in advance or miss out on the VIP treatment you ought to receive. I mean, who doesn’t want a little sweetness in their life? A taste for the good things – the celebrity treatment given here will have you emptying your wallets every time you land in Singapore.


There isn’t a great city without a Chinatown in it – Singapore isn’t to be left behind. Hotels here will give you a trendy nightlife as you get to mingle with the Chinese and share great culture. What’s more, the place is in close proximity to the business district hence forming a reliable spot for business people. Don’t sweat it! You won’t be digging too deep in your pockets here – still, the services are on superb.


I can’t finish it off without addressing the family setting. This beach resort will give you resort-style vacation jammed with awesome family activities. Escape the city life and enjoy the best from nature. Furthermore, grocery stores here are highly valued and offer great prices for fantastic choices. Just don’t get too late on this lovely island resort – it takes quite some time to reach the mainland.

Now you shouldn’t have trouble moving like a pro in the streets of Singapore. I realize I haven’t given you a whole bucket list of adventurous hotels to visit, but we don’t want to make it impossible for you to choose, do we? Visits will always give you pleasure here; if not the arrival, I hope your departure will compensate for it.