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Top 3 Things To Do When Visiting Cambodia

Cambodia is known to be a country that is rich in the civilization that comes with lots of tourist attractions that can simply leave you breathless. This particular country that is located in Southeast Asia near Vietnam and Thailand is well-known for its beautiful beaches, amazing temples and ruins, delicious food and its deep cultural heritage.

Thousands of tourists from all parts of the world visit and experience to be part of cambodia tours and get to explore more about what the country can offer.

In this article, we will talk about the top three things that every tourist should definitely experience when in Cambodia.

Explore their temples:

Take time to visit their UNESCO Heritage and world-famous Ta Prohm temple that was made popular the movie Tomb Raider almost 20 years ago. You and your family can book a day trip with several cambodia tours that will give you the opportunity to explore more remnants of the wonderful architectural structure that will bring us back to the 15th century. Also, make sure to spend a few hours exploring the world famous Angkor Wat Temple as well.

Do not forget to bring your cameras so you can take Instagram worthy photos of what’s left from the ancient Khmer Civilization that made a name in world history. Your family and friends will surely enjoy their short but meaningful visit to the temples.

Aside from taking walks just to see these temples, tourists are given the option to rent bicycles and explore on their own or rent a tuk-tuk for the whole day at an affordable price to take you to whatever place you would like to visit.

Take a cruise:

When in Cambodia do not miss the opportunity to take a cruise at the world-famous Mekong River. Enjoy its exhilarating view as it sails from the capital city of Phnom Penh until Siem Reap by sailing using the old school Cambodian boat. As an added bonus, you and your companions would get the opportunity to see one of the rarest water mammals of our time which are known as the Irrawaddy Water Dolphins. This is a once in a lifetime experience for most of the tourists so you better include this in your itinerary while planning for the cambodia tours.

Eat and enjoy local food:

If you love to eat different kinds of seafood especially fish, then you must try Cambodian dishes to fully satisfy your palate. The staple food for most Cambodians is composed of steamed white rice and cooked fish. They are known for the Amok, a famous local delicacy that is made of fish, steamed in coconut milk and wrapped in fresh banana leaves that adds a unique flavor to the dish.

Aside from fishes, you can also feast over freshly cooked crabs, shrimps and lobsters after a long and tiring day spent touring the province. They also do offer a wide variety of international and local dishes that would make you crave for more.

A lot of tourists consider coming back to Cambodia for the 2nd or 3rd time around because of its timeless beauty, rich history and deep culture that seem to captivate the hearts of many people from different countries and continents.