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Top Eco Adventures in Myanmar

The call of Myanmar comes from many spectacular. It is an enchanting country where you can find sparking pagodas, pristine rivers, exotic Burmese culture and unspoiled nature which promise some of life time experiences in Asia.

Myint , a tour guide based in Yangon shares his tips of what to do for a responsible adventure

Trekking in Hsipaw

While many visitors come to Hsipaw to admire the stunning nature and the famous viaduct. The area is home to many cascading waterfalls, fascinating hill tribe villages and embarking on a long trek is simply the best way to explore Hsipaw.
For 3 days trek, you can enjoy visiting the former Royal Shan Palace, Dokhtawady River and its nearby rugged mountains.


Cross jungle in Green Elephant Camp

Boasting a wealth of tropical forest, Green Elephant camp near Kalaw is a good base for those who are interested in 1 day trip with elephant, trekking through the less-visited path. You will enrich your knowledge of animal by feeding, bathing the elephants and join the NGO program to plan trees.

Cycling upper part of Mandalay

The surrounding of Mandalay is a big draw for all senses. By taking 2 days biking trip, you will have chance to observe local artisan crafting wood carving items, making tapestry. That is not all! Mandalay`s neighboring areas offers a great insight to the ancient capitals including Mingun, Amarapura and Sagaing. Another highlight of this trip is the panoramic view toward Irrawaddy River.

Kayaking in Inle Lake

For any Myanmar Tour, Inle Lake is a must see destination. It combines over-water culture and the spectacular landscapes of Shan state in style. A kayaking trip enables you to discover further than just the surface of Inle. By navigating through stilt villages, floating gardens and schools, you will understand how local farmers can cultivate on the water, planting many flowers and vegetables easily on floating garden. The kayaking trip can go as far as the southern bank of Inle where you can photograph the unique markets that rotates every 5 days around the lake.


Horse Riding in Pindaya

No so many countries in Asia offers equestrian trip since the horses are not big and the riding condition is not so favorable, yet Myanmar does. The picturesque scenery of Pindaya plus its historical sites like Buddhism statues filled cave make it one of the best riding spots in Asia.