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Traveling to Nepal 2019? These things you should not miss

Nepal getting back on it’s feet

An earthquake in 2015 left Nepal devastated. Thousands died, more were injured, monuments and religious sites fell, and people lost their homes. It was a very difficult time for the country, and many would think that it will take a long time before the Nepali people can fully recover.

This month, however, Lonely Planet has recently named Nepal as one of the countries on the Best In Travel (Best Value) List for 2017.

“Visitor numbers are slowly recovering and the time is ripe to get back to Nepal’s mighty mountains;” said the report. “Wherever you go, you’ll receive a warm welcome, as your visit brings much-needed income to communities getting back on their feet.”

If you would like to help in restoring this place, pay a visit. Not only will you see a unique and beautiful place, you will also get to help out the country in putting the pieces back together. Here are some places and activities that you must not miss when in Nepal.

1. Go around Boudhanath, Nepal

While packed with shops and a number of hostels and guest houses, Boudhanath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, remains peaceful. Go around early in the morning and see the monks, and visit in the afternoon and watch the magnificent sunset fall on the country’s largest stupa from the rooftop cafes.


2. Explore Bhaktapur

This is another place in Kathmandu that you must definitely not miss. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bhaktapur is an old city center where you’ll find stone temples, historical monuments, local arts and crafts, and industries like weaving and pottery. It’s best if you stay for at least two days here (there are also plenty of guest houses here, so accommodation won’t be a problem) —there are simply too many great things to take in.

3. Discover Nepalese food

There is really no better way to get to know a place than by trying its food. Nepali cuisine has Indian, and Tibetan influences so you will not have a dull meal. Some of the dishes that you must not miss are the dhal bat (a Nepalese staple of rice, lentils, curry, vegetables), momo (Tibetan-style dumplings), and thukpa (a hearty Tibetan noodle soup).

4. Do the Annapurna trek

The Annapurna Circuit is one of the most popular treks in Nepal. This is something that you must try if you’re spending a long time in the country—the trek usually takes about 15 to 20 days, and starts on Kathmandu. Along the way, there will be tea houses, restaurants, and accommodations alongside with the breathtaking views.

5. Enjoy the view from Nagarkot

If you simply want to enjoy views of the Himalayas, this is a great place to do it. You have to keep in mind, however, that Nagarkot was gravely damaged by the Earthquake, so rebuilding is ongoing. Also make sure that you check the forecast if you want clear skies—it could get very cloudy here. Having proper outdoor gear will also help you on this journey.

Nepal still continues to get back on its feet, with its people working hard to build the country after the quake. By visiting, you will not only be able to help in the rebuilding—you’ll also get to discover a place so unique, that one visit won’t be enough.

/// Written by Lia Tizon, The Philippines