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TreeTop Adventure in Subic

Enter the jungle of Subic

Tree Top Adventure is one of the most popular and appealing tourist destination in Subic, Zambales. It’s a lush, green forest jungle-type area of Subic that has jungle trails and other natural attractions. Many adventurers, tourists, and even locals are attracted to it.

There are many things to do in Tree Top Adventure. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking. You can also learn how to survive in the wild in the Jungle Survival Demo. The most popular activities are the canopy chair lift ride and the Superman ride. The canopy chair lift ride is the most relaxing ride of them all. It can take an hour to two hours just to complete it. There are five stations where you will stop and ride a motorized cable vehicle, similar to a cable car, but you only have seats. It’s a great chance to experience nature’s finest, you’ll be able to listen to the birds chirping and view the forest. You’ll be absorbed in your surroundings and is a wonderful experience. The Superman ride can help you conquer your fear of heights. You’ll be soaring roughly about 70-80 feet above the ground with only a cable suspension holding you on. You’ll feel like you’re flying like Superman.

The ultimate Tree drop experience in Subic

Other activities include the Silver Surfer, The Interactive Free Fall, and the Tree Drop Experience. The Silver Surfer needs two active participants. Each participant has its own side where they surf and glide while looking at the beautiful forest scenery. The Interactive Free Fall lets you go up and down repeatedly just like a yoyo. You start your mark from 6 feet up to 100 feet highway above the ground. The Tree Drop Experience is the scariest thrill of all activities. You need to rappel 60 feet down the side of a tree.

My husband and I were offered a 50% off in a package deal in Tree Top Adventure in Subic. Being the adventurers we were, of course we agreed to the deal. Before actually going here, it is recommended that you reserve a slot because the area might be booked for company outings or other special functions. The trip from Manila to Subic took us 4 hours going there but it was faster on the way home. If you don’t have a car, you can use public vehicles. The place is accessible to most routes and is affordable.

One good thing about this place is that you will be given guidelines. They’ll let you know what are the rules and regulations of the park, such as don’t litter and their security measures. Security is a big thing for them, they make sure your harness is secure. The staff are friendly and helpful. Prices are reasonable and they also have packages to choose from. You can also buy souvenirs.

If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can just hop on a bus and go to Tree Top Adventure in Subic. Not only you’ll have a wonderful time with fun activities, you’ll also get a chance to see amazing things Mother Nature can provide.

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