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Weekend Getaway in Tagaytay at Bag of Beans

I always go in Tagaytay whenever there is a long weekend. If it is very hot in Metro Manila, my friends and I always have a daytrip in Tagaytay.

How to get there:

Commute (Taking a bus)

Travel time is 2 to 3 hours and fare is 80 PHP.

I always go to Buendia (Makati) Terminal of DLTB Bus Company. Just check if it has Nasugbu Signage and tell the driver that you are going to Olivarez Tagaytay (A round in Tagaytay proper). Also, there are other bus companies that I have listed below:

  • LORNA EXPRESS – Uniwide, HK Sun Plaza
    ● SAN AGUSTIN – EDSA Rotunda| 3:00 AM to 11:00 PM
    ● ERJOHN ALMARK TRANSIT- Uniwide, HK Sun Plaza | (0943) 702-3724, (0906) 510-4385, (046) 686-8214
    ● BSC (BATMAN STAREXPRESS CORP.) – Uniwide, HK Sun Plaza, EDSA Rotunda | (02) 283-6424

Private vehicle

Driving to Tagaytay City via private car is easy enough. Drive through SLEX and take the Sta. Rosa Exit. From there, it’s a straight drive to Tagaytay City. As you arrive at the Olivarez Rotunda, turn right to go to the restaurants in Magallanes Square and turn left if you want to visit People’s Park and Picnic Grove.

Most of the restaurants have the Taal Lake view which you can see in the picture above. Since the climate there is cold, most of the Manilenios (people living in Metro Manila) stays here.

Since it is cold in Tagaytay, most of the people in Metro Manila always go and eat in Tagaytay. Your trip is incomplete without Bulalo! You’ll find the best beef in Tagaytay. Bulalo is steamed beef seasoned with salt and pepper. Corn and cabbage can be added to it. There are so many Bulalo restaurants can be found along the major highway. But, the best bulalo I’ve ever tasted is at Bulalo Point restaurant. The beef is so tender and you’ll enjoy the cold air outside. Of course, Tawilis is the partner of Bulalo. Tawilis is small fishes live in the lake. It is so delicious when it is fried and dipped in spicy vinegar.

Also, you must try the only mushroom burger and fries available in Tagaytay. It is also very accessible since it is located along the major highway. At first, I cannot imagine a burger patty and fries made of mushroom. But when I tasted it, it tastes heaven! These are comfort and healthy food.

Also, I recommend Bag of Beans in Tagaytay. After eating Bulalo, I always go here and I suggest trying their Blueberry Cheesecake and Hot Chocolate. There are three branches of Bag of Beans in Tagaytay along the major Highway. They have garden themed restaurant (pictures above) and another two branches with Taal Lake view.