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Yogyakarta’s Beautiful Beaches, Indonesia

Wonosari, Gunung Kidul is located in the mountainous area in Yogyakarta Special region, Java, Indonesia. This area is about 1 hour trip to the south (_+60 km) from the city. Well, at first I didn’t know that Wonosari has amazingly beautiful white- sand beaches. I come from a different city but since I study in Yogyakarta and associate with friends who originally come from there then I get to know about Wonosari’s beaches. After I got my own motorbike, I decided to take a look what kind of beaches Wonosari has and I was really amazed! Not only one white- sand beach but so many! Some of them are still untouched too! I’m sure even Hawaii cannot be compared with the ones in Wonosari. Moreover, on the way to the white- sand beaches, you can also enjoy your trip by viewing the beautiful scenery of Wonosari’s mountain, clean rivers, and the winding but smooth roads! (So much fun! you don’t need to worry about the bad roads that will trouble your trip or endanger your safety). If you love backpacking to see mountain and beach, you can see them all at the same time by visiting Wonosari!. Not to mention, you can also enjoy the scenery of local people working on their rice field and farming. They are really hard- working people, they can walk kilometers away just to get to their rice fields and most of them are barefoot! Amazing! No wonder Wonosari people are healthy.



Anyway, I started to travel to Wonosari few years ago and I’m addicted to it. I love exploring Wonosari to find new beautiful spots. Let me name some of the beaches in Wonosari, there are Wediombo, Sundak, Sadranan, Drini, Sepanjang, Ngrenehan and Jogan beach. If you want to see beach and waterfall at the same time then please come to visit Jogan, I have got some nice pictures with the waterfall there ☺ and here are my most favorite beaches: Indrayanti, Ngobaran (there is a little temple built in Ngobaran and you can take some good pictures there and.. The background? The background is the beautiful and amazing beach, so you can imagine it, you stand in a little temple and behind you is ocean! That is priceless!). The next is Siung beach. Well I just visited this beach few weeks ago and I loved it! I came back there in the same week because I couldn’t get enough of it. I love playing water and looking for crabs so Siung is the best destination for me and the area is quite wide so you can pick the nicest spot to spend your time without too many people around. I almost forget to mention, my suggestion when you are going to Wonosari beaches is you better rent motorbikes or cars from Yogyakarta because buses cannot reach the remote part of Wonosari where you can see the beaches. The price to rent motorbike is not too expensive, it is about Rp 60,000 or $7 and you can enjoy the whole day exploring Wonosari. So friends, have a nice and fun beach trip!



/// Written by Agustina Tri (Nina) Yogyakarta, Indonesia