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5 Tips for a Comfortable Long Stay in a Hotel

Flying to another place for a business meeting is no easy work. You need to change your whole routine to the extent of your trip and have to hole up in a hotel for extended stay. Following, we are giving you some quick insights on how to make your stay comfortable.

Big Space

If you are going to stay in a hotel for long, you need to go big. You need to get a large room, try a suite in your budget. It’s a psychological fact; your hotel room will shrink every day. Yes, you will feel it getting a shrink, and it may turn to claustrophobia.

You need to get as much space as possible within your limit, and the limit of your stay.


You need to assure important amenities are included in your suite or package. These amenities are a refrigerator, good TV, fully equipped kitchen, DVD Player, etc. These features aren’t included in every room, but it won’t hurt if you ask the manager to confirm.

You can make special requests and may get a small fee for these, but they will be worth the investment. Having your own coffee maker, and equipment is far better than calling the room service every time.

Clean Up

It doesn’t matter if you are a lazy slob at home, but you have to be neat as pin during extended stay hotel. Once again, it’s about the space. If you got the surface covered with dirty clothes, the room would feel chaotic and small. Yes, you will become irritable unknowingly.

Dirty Laundry

It’s very common that hotels offer laundry and dry cleaning. However, if a hotel has in-house laundry staff, they won’t give attention and time to instructions given on labels. On the contrary, if they send out to a contractor, they probably hired the lowest budget and low-quality laundry.

So before you hand over your clothes, you better ask the manager or team about arrangements, and how they care for your clothes. They should be upfront with you. If you find the service it’s not up to par, then you should find a decent laundry yourself.


You are not on a permanent vacation, so you have to watch out for your diet. You may love hotel food, but it’s important you watch your health. You may want to try out different options, but you may want to maintain the current weight.

Therefore, you must eat less and exercise more. If you are staying in for a long haul, then you better visit the local market to get fresh veggies and fruits. You need to eat healthy cereal and nuts to maintain your health. You can also order some exercise programs to step up.

Get Out

It’s tacky if your room is large, and service is great. But you have to get out instead of staying in. You need to get out and see the new area. You may meet new people and get new opportunities. So make the most out of your time.