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Kuta Beach in Lombok, more beauty but less fame

When you hear Kuta Beach, the first place that comes into your mind must be Bali, the most famous tourist spot in Indonesia. In Lombok, the island right next to Bali, there is yet another place called Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach can be considered as the more beautiful one, although it is not as famous. Kuta Beach is located in Central Lombok, a 30 minutes ride from the Lombok International Airport.

Located in quite a rural area, Kuta Beach greet the visitors with their newly made red banner “Kuta Lombok” and the amazing view of a beach that still persevered its natural view. Kuta Beach hasn’t been cultivated specially as a tourist spot and it is this what Kuta Beach provided. The unspoiled nature that is still quiet and clean, many tourist find this place great for their peaceful sunbathing.

The white sand in Kuta Beach is called “Pepper Sand” because the texture of the sand looks exactly like pepper. This place is also good for surfing, banana boating, jet-skiing or windsurfing. Unfortunately there are not many accommodations nor restaurants near this beach. But the fact that you can visit this amazing place in less then one hour after you arrive in Lombok makes it a must visit place. You will never get another scenery like this.

Please take note when you visit this area, especially when you are traveling by yourself and not with help from any travel agent:

  1. The taxi, if you are visiting just for sight-seeing, you can tell them to wait for you, and if you are visiting for a day, you will need the taxi rental’s or car rental’s phone. The location make it hard to find transport from here especially during the weekdays.
  2. The souvenir sellers are a bit more enthusiastic than in other places, so if you are not really interested in buying things from them, you do not need to respond them, or ask more, it is quite hard to avoid their offer when you already respond to them.
  3. If you like a picnic at the beach, visitors can bring their own stuff for sunbathing or surfing since there is no rental place like in other tourist spot.

There are also some other places to visit along the way when you go to Kuta Lombok. Those places are Tanjung Aan, Village of Sasak tribe called Desa Sade Rambitan, Mawun beach and the village where you can see directly how the traditional Songket fabrics are being made, called Desa Sukarara.