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3 Reasons to Visit Jomalig Island, Quezon

Jomalig Island has it all

Whether you are searching for a secret, quiet oasis or a fun, beautiful place to visit – Jomalig Island has it all.

Most people love to travel, but not everyone enjoys the chaos of tourist destinations. The Philippines is full of beautiful culture, nature, shorelines, resorts, and local hot spots. However, there are countless hidden gems all over the country. Our latest find is Jomalig Island, Quezon. Here are three reasons to visit this place, and see how beautiful and quiet it truly is firsthand.

It’s even more exclusive than any private island.

There are only a few specific ways of getting to this area of Quezon. It’s definitely doable, but most people do not take the time to get there. If you are looking for a super exclusive, romantic, or quiet spot – this island is for you. Just make sure to map out your transportation beforehand.

The area is a great place to visit for a day, or you can make it a full trip. If you are looking for a super easy, lavish vacation spot, this may not be it for it. If you are looking to get away from chaos, and find some solitude – this is your spot.

There’s beautiful weather with tons of outdoor activities.

Throughout the day, there are countless ways to spend your time relaxing and exploring. You can rent your own boat to travel, you can visit the local vendors, and discover the beauty of what makes Jamalig so unique. Do not forget to bring your own supplies for food, exploring, and everything else you plan to do. There may be local options for food and emergency supplies, but we suggest bringing your own to be safe.

Your days will be filled with snorkeling, swimming, deep sea diving, hiking, fishing, and even renting bicycles to explore even further than the beaches. The weather in Jomalig is beautiful, guaranteeing you some great sunshine, warmth, and daylight to explore.

Without hotels, there are unique sleeping options in Jomalig Island.

There are plenty of locals willing to rent out rooms or homes for vacationers. You will just need to contact them ahead of time to guarantee your spot. Some places are communal and others are completely private homes. You can also be adventurous and sleep under the beautiful, clear night skies. With the landscape of the island, you can seek out different hiking and camping spots. Without city noises, lots of people, and the chaos that abounds typical resorts, you can finally completely relax.