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Kuyba Almoneca, a rare spiritual adventure in Palawan

Experience a rare spiritual adventure visiting Kuyba Almoneca in Sitio San Jose, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

The place is not as well-known as the other “must see” in Palawan. In fact, unless a local mentions it, very few would actually get to visit it. But the attraction inside more than makes up for its lack of popularity. The place is a huge meditation garden. The word “Kuyba” is the translation of the word “Cave” in Bicolano (a local Philippine dialect) while the name “Almoneca” was derived from the combined names of the owners’ children. If you are lucky, you get to meet their “autistic” son Neil who wanders around the place. An information board is displayed near the receiving area about Neil.

The gate entrance is lavishly decorated with flowers allowing a cool breeze of wind despite the 12 noon heat. Entrance is fee is P50, a very inexpensive fee considering the beauty and attraction of the place. The receiving area showcases souvenirs that one can purchase at reasonable prices. T-shirts, caps, and spiritual items like a rosary is available for sale.

The place is huge and one needs to take a bit of a trek to explore the place but it’s no hardship once you see the beauty hidden inside. Tall and magnificent trees abound the path, flowers and various kinds of plants are planted alongside of the trees, making it literally a garden park. If you are not used to long walking, benches are available for you to sit on and rest. One will be met with various attraction along the trek that leads to the Holy Cave.

The Chapel is big enough to hold mass for more than 100 people. It’s tranquil and enchanting atmosphere will give one shivers. They hold spiritual retreats here and dorms are available for overnight stay.

Their banquet hall boast not only of its size and décor but also of its food. Their pasta is deliciously refreshing. The banquet hall caters to weddings, birthday, baptism and spiritual retreats.

The Bat Cave is a night attraction of the place. Critters, bugs and bats roam the garden at night. If one treks the stretch of land from the entrance to the Holy Cave, you will hear the sound of the insects and see actual bats flying around.

See Jesus Christ in Palawan

Finally there’s the Holy Cave. The place was accidentally discovered when the lot was being surveyed for construction. The resort became a spiritual resort upon the discovery of the Cave. The owners had it dug and pathways were built. As a safety precaution, rails were also built and a hard hat is required while exploring inside the cave. Statues of saints are displayed on some of the rock formation.

Finally, in the middle of the cave is the rock formation which at a certain angle, one can actually see the face of Jesus Christ. A truly amazing, one of a kind experience that nature created for mankind.