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Whale Shark Watching Tours in Oslob

Oslob was once an unchartered territory when it comes to tourism. Visitors prefer to visit other beach destinations in Cebu, but that all changed in 2011 when tourists began flocking to see one of the world’s gentle giants – whale sharks. Whale sharks, the biggest fish in the ocean and one of the of the gentlest creatures known to mankind, can be seen and interacted in this southern town of Cebu.

The southern region of Cebu is a local’s secret when it comes to tourism. Home to pristine beaches and secluded shores, yet it was just a few years ago that people began to come here all year-round specifically in Oslob.

Why Oslob?

Like other coastal towns in Cebu, Oslob’s residents primary source of livelihood is fishing. Gifted with healthy marine life, people rely on fishing and in fact, fishing is their life. Reports have been said that even before the formality of whale shark watching tours in Oslob in the later part of 2011, fishermen have been feeding these whale sharks– like their own pets.

So it was natural for these local fishermen to “call” the gentle giants to the enjoyment of visitors. Donsol, Sorsogon in Luzon seemed to have been stripped of its title, “Whale Shark Capital of the Philippines”. The main advantage of whale shark watching in Oslob? It is an all-year-round experience.

Unlike other whale shark watching destination in the Philippines, visitors don’t have to wait long to spot these gigantic marine creatures. In other places, there is no assurance that you can see or spot them. Sometimes, seeing them means travel or being on the water for hours.

But not in Oslob, previous visitors swear how fishermen and guide seemed to have a personal relationship with these animals. The whale sharks come and not threatened to be around with humans.

What awaits you?

Whale watching tours in Oslob takes center stage in Baranggay Tan-awan. There are different kinds of encounter that can suit to all types and ages of the visitors. Mostly, visitors come in boats – in small outrigger canoe locally known as banca. With safe life vests, guests can watch the whale sharks from the boat.

Visitors can also feel free to jump into the water and swim with them. Snorkel for a deeper look to these gigantic marine animals! The experience is surreal and beyond words. Whale sharks come in different sizes as well.

Enjoy whale shark watching tours in Oslob as part of your southern Cebu trip. To maximize your time in the south, book your holidays in one of the neighboring resorts like those in Alcoy like Divepoint Alcoy. These resorts have modern facilities to take you to these nature-inspired activities and have amenities to make your vacation truly relaxing and comfortable.

Seeing and interacting with the whale sharks should not be missed when coming to Cebu. This activity is one thing that draws visitors to come to the Philippines – one memorable and unique travel experience.