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Chinese Comfort Food that’s in a Restaurant?

There is this chain of restaurants that had been popping up all over Singapore these recent years and it has brought us affordable and delicious Chinese delicacies. Since Singapore is heavily populated by the Chinese, we need to know exactly where to find our favourites – dim sum, noodles, rice and good broths. So where would you find a comfortable place in a restaurant that serves cheap quality food?

You have to head down to Ding Tai Fung. This renowned Taiwanese chain of restaurants is the one that keeps us going back! It has a wide variety of appetizers and mains for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a simple and refreshing appetizer to whet your appetite, why not try the Xiao Cai. It consists of some seaweed, chilli strips and tofu strips tossed lightly in sesame oil; it will definitely start off your appetite for more food!

The hot favourite of Ding Tai Fung will be their Xiao Long Bao. These little bundles of joy are filled with superior broth made from boiling pork ribs and bones for many hours. Savoury meat is carefully packed with the broth, into a fine layer of flatten dough and set to steam at a hot temperature. Due to the skin of the dumpling being extremely thin, remember to pick yours up not only with your chopsticks, but with a spoon supporting it as well. You don’t want your tasty broth, the essence of your dumpling, to be spilled!


If ten of those little babies aren’t enough, then order a plate of fragrant egg fried rice with pork strips. This plate of rice is whipped up within minutes with a really strong heat at the wok, locking the flavours of the pork and egg into the rice.


As I have mentioned, we Chinese are suckers for all things dumplings. So this Shrimp and Pork Wanton will charm you as well. It is packed with juicy meat and shrimps, the skin is again, thin and smooth. And if you have a thing for soups, this kills two birds with one stone; the broth is well prepared and will definitely satisfy you.


With a wide selection to choose from, Ding Tai Fung might just be the routine that you will pick up. Visiting the place once a week to try out all their dishes, may just be what you need to discover all along.

/// Written by Kristine Wong, Singapore, Find and purchase all your health needs: www.doctor-prive.com