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“Muang Boran” The Ancient City in Bangkok

As we all know Thailand is a great place to visit when it comes to cultural treasures. But for those who want to enjoy a nice beach holiday there also is a lot to discover. Close to Bangkok there are 5 amazing beach destinations. These places are Hua Hin, Koh Samet, Pattaya, Pranburi and Cha-Am. When you are in Bangkok make sure you try to visit at least 2 of these 5 amazing beach locations. Make sure you always get the best deals and packages that suit your time and budget. A part of these amazing beach places there is also an astonishing place you really cannot miss when visiting Bangkok.

Just a short journey out of Bangkok, you will find a relatively little known park dedicated to preserving Thai history and cultural heritage in the form of the many significant buildings and historical places from throughout the country. The Ancient City as it is referred to, or Muang Boran in Thai, is a little difficult to get to, but well worth a visit.

This massive parkland is roughly in the shape of Thailand, and here in this huge park you will find authentic reproductions of important buildings from around Thailand. This outing will keep you busy for a full day of exploring, as there are over 100 monuments collected or reproduced. Some of the amazing structures are reconstructions of buildings of historical significance that no longer exist. Other buildings are examples of traditional local architecture that were scheduled to be demolished and instead were purchased, dismantled and reconstructed in the park.


Please remember to be respectful of the local culture and remove our shoes before entering any religious place.

Thailand has throughout history been a very religious Buddhist culture and dedicated to the royal family, so it is no surprise that many of the buildings represent religious and royal sites from around Thailand as well as other important reminders of the past. The throne hall reproduces one which was destroyed 200 years ago when the old capital of Ayuthaya was sacked by the Burmese. Inside are some quite exquisite examples of Thai wall paintings. It was in this original hall the first ambassadors from Europe handed their credentials up to King Narai who would have been enthroned on the elevated reception area.

Apart from the many large religious buildings, there are also many examples of typical Thai houses from the past.

One of the most striking examples of temple architecture is the wooden wat purchased from a hill temple in the North of Thailand. This temple (wat) is beautifully carved and decorated, and very different from the typical Thai temples you will see all over Thailand today, and worth spending half hour exploring an meditating. But to visit all these places you need at least a few days and a good home base to plan your journeys at. Keeping your holiday in a healthy budget is very important. From your flight, to your hotel or resort. There are many ways to keep your holiday in your personal budget, do some search and you could get great deals on great total package holidays all over the world and in your budget always. But lets get back to the amazing park.

Remember this park is huge and it is always hot in Thailand, so it does take the better part of a day to see the park. You are going to get hungry and you will want lunch. There are lots of small snack places spread throughout the park, but the place for lunch is the Thai floating village. There are a number of restaurants in various styles on the water. You can stroll around until one place strikes your fancy. The food is delicious local Thai food.

A visit to the Ancient City makes an excellent, although potentially exhausting, full day outing from Bangkok. Be sure to start early and allow yourself the better part of a day to see everything.