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The beaches and weather

Thailand has the world’s most beautiful beaches and some of the most famous diving spots. People come from all over the globe just to spend a week lying on a Thai beach drinking coconut milk right from the shell and getting beach massages, or to hire a boat to go diving around the country’s coral reefs. The sand is soft and fine, the ocean is blue and warm, and the marine life the most spectacular you have ever seen.

Hot, hotter and hottest — that’s how Thais describe the weather in Thailand. It’s sunny almost all the time and, yes, it’s roasting hot. But that all fits in with the exotic nature of the country, the sights, the sounds and the smells. Yes, in the rainy season it rains, but even then rarely for more than an hour. Then the sun comes out, the heat rises off the streets, and you’re once more luxuriating in glorious heat.