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5 Famous Alleys for Food Addicts in Sai Gon

1/ Alley 51, Cao Thang Street, District 3

This alley is popular among food addicts around Sai Gon. You can enjoy the good-looking, delicious dishes with acceptable price like: pha lau (poached vicesra), fried noodle, dim sum, duck egg…

Low price and delicious, that’s why dishes here attract a lot of people in neighborhood and also teenagers around Sai Gon. According to people living near here, you shouldn’t come here later than 8 PM because it’s hard to find an available table.

Price range for dishes here is from $0.5 to $1.5. Pretty good for a short gathering with your besties

2/ Alley 284, Le Van Sy Street, District 3

It’s not too much to say that “Students who are living and working in District 3 know food in Alley 284 more than what is in their fridge at home”. Reason? This place is full of good-tasting and fresh food

Alley 284 is famous of Middle Vietnam specialties such as: Bun Bo Hue (beef noodle), Banh Beo (bloating fern)… Right next to these stalls are food stalls with other famous specialties like: Banh Uot (wet cake), Bun Rieu Cua (crab ball noodle). All of these stalls make this alley a perfect place for filling your starving stomach after a long working day

3/ Alley 181, Xom Chieu Street, District 4

Although this alley is just a small, narrow place locate in a small district of Sai Gon, it’s still an attractive alley for food addict in this city with the diversity of food here. It’s not only famous by delicious dishes but also a low price which everyone can afford.

From 6 PM, this 1.5 km alley is filled of people who came here for eating, chit chat, even a dinner. All they pay is just 10% of a Starbuck.

With this price, this alley is known by students and workers in the neighborhood. That’s why alley 181 became a popular location for people who just want a good meal with low price

4/ Alley 14, Tran Binh Trong Street, District 5

Not like the alleys above, Alley 14 is famous by sweetened soup and other desserts. This alley is formerly a road to an old apartment. Gradually, food stalls are formed to serve eating needs of people around. At present, it has been known for good-looking desserts like: coconut jelly, sweet egg custard, sweet coconut egg custard, Che Khuc Bach (sweet cheese cube soup)…

Especially, desserts here are not very sweet, the suitable amount of sugar in the food is what makes the difference of the alley. For this reason, people like going to this alley to eat dessert more than other places

5/ Alley 177, Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1

This alley is famous of one and only one dessert: mix fruit bow. The general way to eat mix fruit in Vietnam is eat it on a plate with syrup above. In alley 177, people eat mix fruit with a pot of yogurt. Besides, people like alley 177 because of fresh fruit and the diversity of fruit here