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Tucked away in the beautiful corners of Subic Bay, Xtremely Xpresso

You must definitely visit Xtremely Xpresso. Tucked away in the beautiful corners of Subic Bay, Xtremely Xpresso is one of the most welcoming bistros you will ever come across in the city. Nestled along the quiet streets of Dewey Avenue, this quaint little restaurant is definitely a must-visit.

This family-run business boasts of vintage interior décor, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and a delicious variety of Filipino and European cuisine, and Italian coffee, and has been in business since April of 2003.


With an array of mouthwatering food to choose from, the restaurant is not only family-friendly, but it also is the perfect place to take your friends too, to have business meetings with colleagues in, a place perfect for a date with someone special, and even warm and inviting enough to cradle you in when you just feel like spending some time all alone.

The food, with prices ranging from only a hundred pesos to a hundred and fifty, with big servings good enough to share, you’ll certainly get what you pay for-and maybe even more. They have pastas, sandwiches, antipasti, main course meals, decadent desserts, and pizza. The Monte Carlo, a tuna and cheese sandwich made with homemade bread, is only worth 150 Php and is already good enough for two or three people to share. The Pasta Pomodoro, also 150 Php is also a fine dish to split with friends or family. If you are visiting with a big group, however, you can give the Big Ben pizza a try. The price ranges from 549 Php to 729 Php (depending on the size) and it not only brags of delightful flavors, but sharing this dish with people you love is always fun and exciting. The Big Ben pizza is one of Xtremely Xpresso’s most popular dishes in the bistro, and it is also one of the biggest, funnest meals to savor.


Pasta Pomodoro
(150 Php)


The Monte Carlo
(150 Php)


Big Ben Pizza
(Large: 729 Php)

Aside from the delicious meals, this little corner of heaven also offers a number of delectable desserts you and your kids can enjoy. Order your Italian gelatos to go, and you can walk around the quiet streets all the way straight to the boardwalk to enjoy your dessert while watching the sunset. Surely, you will have the best time.

Xtremely Xpresso is the perfect place for a simple and charming dining experience in one of the Philippines’ most enchanting tourist destinations; so whenever you find yourself in this humble town, in this beautiful country, be sure to visit Xtremeley Xpresso in Subic Bay. It will give you an experience that’s definitely one for the books.

/// Written by Hazel Callora, The Philippines