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Delicious dishes from Depot Barokah on the Singapore of Surabaya

If you plan to having a holiday trip to Surabaya, and you’d like to fulfill your craving of Indonesia culinary, you’d better try this one!

On the west territory of Surabaya, on the Citraland area which being called a “Singapore of Surabaya” lies a traditional market, in which also exist a food court area. Of all the food stalls, I happened to enjoy the foods from one of the stall, called “Depot Barokah”. This stall offers 2 delicate dishes; Gado-gado, and Nasi Krengsengan. I suggest you to come in the morning, and take your breakfast there, because I think those are perfect dishes to start your day with.


If you haven’t know it yet, Gado-gado is a dish which composed of many fresh veggies, which are cabbage, sprouts, lettuce, few slices of tomatoes and cucumbers, and also tempeh, potatoes, and boiled egg that flushed with special Gado-gado sauce. The sauce is made from mixture of peanut (mostly), salt, tamarine, and soy sauce. The veggies are so fresh, and the sauce is highly tasty. Despite the delicate taste, Gado-gado is a very healthy cuisine, thanks to its veggies. So, it won’t trouble your health resolution. Usually, Gado-gado is served with some shrimp crackers (krupuk udang).

The other dish, Nasi Krengsengan is more suitable for those who can endure spicy sensation. Yeah, this dish is quite spicy, and yet tasteful. Many Indonesian’s foods are served with rice, because Indonesian are fond of eating rice. Nasi Krengsengan is a combination of rice (that’s what makes the name begins with “Nasi”), spicy well-fried beefs, well-fried srundeng (grated coconut, fried with original Indonesian’s spices), and a slice of cucumber and kemangi loaf with special sauce made from a mixture of traditional Indonesian’s spices. The traditional spices creates a strong and tasteful flavor.


A plate of Gado-gado costs Rp. 11.000,-, while Nasi Krengsengan costs Rp. 14.000,- per plate.
They also provide some beverages to make your breakfast even tasty (and cooling down the spicy sensation in case you order Nasi Krengsengan). Their beverages are orange juice, made from a fresh oranges, fresh lemonade, ice tea, coffee, and mineral water. It opens daily from 6am to 1 pm. Besides the tasteful dishes and beverages, my other impression is that the stall owner is very polite and nice to their customers, a perfect combination of culinary journey.

I have visited this stall many times, still the taste and their hospitality are consistently good. You can’t miss this one. Be sure to visit “Depot Barokah” for a delicate breakfast when you plan to visit or even stays in Surabaya!

/// Written by Jonathan Muljono, Indonesia