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Sapin-sapin: Filipinos’ sticky rice cake, The Philippines

Mention the term “Filipino delicacy” and most of the Filipinos would think about Filipino dishes, rice cakes or kakanin and sweets. In fact, Filipinos are not only known for its highly anticipated rich culture and values but also in terms of Filipino delicacies that you can’t resist to taste because of its delicious smell and also the physical features  that gonna make you crave.

Sapin-sapin, one of the best Filipino delicacies is the sweet sticky tri- layered cake that once you taste it you would surely loved because of its smell, ingredients plus the 3 colors itself that makes it attractive and yummy in the eyes of Filipinos and Filipinos at the heart.

This sweet sticky cake which made of rice flour was originated in the mountainous region of Abra in the northern part of Luzon where culture and values is still existing and continuing to transmit from generation to generation.

But people may ask the question why it is called Sapin-sapin? For a common tagalong term sapin means cover or sheets or layer it is also one of the main characteristics of this sticky cake plus glamorous tri colors that makes it attractive. Usually it is made up of 3-4 layers which can be in different colors like violet, yellow and white. At the top of the covering is a crispy coconut flakes that adds attraction in the deliciousness of Sapin-sapin.


And one ingredient makes Sapin-sapin healthier is the coconut milk which is rich in potassium that essential to human body in terms of muscles and helps the nerves communicate. It has also Niacin or known B3 helps the body in circulation and generates stress related hormones. Another important vitamin is the Folate that helps prevent changes in DNA that lead to cancer.

Truly, the Sapin-sapin does not only signify as a Filipino delicacy but also on what are true Filipinos. The tricolor layered caked represents differences of Filipinos but they are combined of the sticky material which is unity and the culture plus the Filipino values are the smell that makes Filipinos stunning among the other races.

Being Filipino is a great privilege because you can enjoy this type of delicacies that you can treasure because these are the products of our beautiful culture and gonna makes you say “Thanks God I’m Filipino.”

// Wrote by Julius Jerald D. Marcale, The Philippines