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Thai Food Delight In Seremban, Malaysia

Eating out is easy. You head out and grab a bite to eat. But over the years I’ve realized that a good eatery is not just a place to munch and sip on drinks while subconsciously you are already leaving the premise.

A perfect dine-and-chill-out place captivates you not only via your taste buds but essentially your whole spirit as well. It fuels you bodily as well as spiritually.

If you’re looking for an intense Thai food-gobbling experience in Seremban, Kampung Lobak Thai Seafood & BBQ (aka Thai Lobak Seafood Village) is where you must head straight to (pronto!) if you ever find yourself ambling about in sleepy Seremban town, Negeri Sembilan.


Seremban is the capital state of Negeri Sembilan where excellent eatery options can be limited. But frown not, ever since stepping into the gem of a Thai restaurant that sat secluded behind a Petronas station and nestled by green rejuvenating shrubberies, I have fallen deeply in love with their Thai cuisine and desserts.

Transcendental Dining Atmosphere

While most local food joints here tend to crimp on the dining atmosphere side of things, this place proves to be completely in a league of its own, except for the gravel parking area. Perhaps this is a retro feature, nostalgic to the old days of un-tarred roads, I do not know.

The restaurant though has recently been upgraded with very aesthetically appealing ceilings and a lovely wooden entrance passage. If you’re easily swayed visually, count yourself to be swooned with the little details.

Not only that, the place plays some of the best and most varied type of music. Expect to listen to some old-school Hindi, Chinese celebratory tunes, sentimental Malay, festive and mellow Thai as well as some English music selection. I especially enjoy the traditional Thai instrumental music and the sound of sweet buttery jazz played while I feast.

Food is glorious here. By that I mean, they’re served to tease and tickle your taste buds with pleasure.

The Tom Yam is a must-try and the BBQ squids are plain yummy. If you’re adventurous and don’t mind crying your eyes out due to sheer pleasure of eating delicious spicy things, the stingray with spicy gravy awaits you. For avid poultry-eaters, the ‘pandan chicken’ (chicken wrapped in aromatic pandan leaf) and chicken cooked with crispy ginger are worth ordering.




Their steamed or grilled cockles served with spicy Thai sauce may be devoured like a side snack. To cap a hearty and spicy dinner with a something sweet and thirst-quenching, you just have to order Thab Thim Krob (Thai water chestnut dessert) and taste heaven bursting in your mouth first-hand. Make that order obligatory, even.

All in all, if you’re searching for an eatery that takes pride in the authenticity of its cuisine and maintains an atmospheric ambience that is vital for a visceral gobble-and-relax experience, I can’t stress this enough: Give Kampung Lobak Thai Seafood a visit NOW!

Address to the Kampung Lobak Thai Seafood & BBQ:
No 238B, Jalan Manickavasagam, Lobak,
70200 Seremban,

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