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The Best Breaded Chicken Chop in Kuala Pilah

Have you been to Kuala Pilah? Yes, sure. Kuala Pilah is best known for its spicy smoked beef coconut curry, or better known as ‘daging masak lemak salai cili api’ amongst the locals. As you drive along Jalan Seremban-Kuala Pilah towards Pilah town, you will see lots of small stalls by the road, selling various kinds of smoked goodness — catfish, chicken, duck and beef.

But, let’s try something else, shall we? If you are going for a trip to Negeri Sembilan, or specifically Kuala Pilah, have a stop at Giant hypermarket in that town and head over to the food court to taste the best breaded chicken chop in Kuala Pilah! If you wonder how to get there, just drive along the main road and you will easily see the hypermarket on your left, as it is strategically located next to the main road.



Being a fan of western food, I’ve gotten the chance of tasting, perhaps, one of the best breaded chicken chop in my life, here at Giant’s food court in Kuala Pilah. The breaded chicken chop that is served at Western Food Stall is crispy on the outside and moist and soft in the inside — it is perfectly cooked! The meat portion is big and it is served hot from the deep fryer. Besides, the pepper sauce that comes together with the meal is not too peppery, which if too much, can cast away the sweet taste of the chicken meat. The taste of the sauce is well-balanced and the best part is, it is poured over the meat in a very generous portion.

Besides than the breaded chicken chop, French fries, coleslaw and vegetable salad are also included and they come as free sides on this big meal plate. For carbohydrate lovers who prefer having some rice in the menu, you can have a bowl of butter rice as an add-on for as cheap as RM1. If you come over on an empty stomach, you can be rest-assured that you will be satisfactorily full after eating this meal. With only RM9.90 per plate, it is definitely a value for money. Even better, if you come over during school holiday, there will be a special promotion and you will receive a free can of soda.

If you feel like eating something else, you may also order Grill Chicken Chop or Sizzling Lamb Chop as they taste as good as the breaded chicken chop. At this food court, there are also several other stalls such as Chicken Rice Stall, Kopitiam (they serve tasty and cheap toasted breads!) and Uncle Jack Fried Chicken. Open every day from 8am till 10pm, you can conveniently have your breakfast, lunch or dinner at this food court and eat to your heart’s contents. But definitely, give the breaded chicken chop here a try!

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