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The Island born of fire

Camiguin is a pearl-shaped volcanic and mountainous island located 10 km away in the Northern coast of Mindanao bounded by the Bohol Sea. It is one of the Philippines’ perfect spots. It is dubbed as “The Island born of fire.” This is due to some tragic historical background of the eruption of Mount Vulcan way back in May 1871. But that only paved the way to the birth of a very beautiful paradise. Today, the Island is again full of life and verdant in its natural wonders. It is an authentic treasure trove rich in all kinds of attractions, from springs and waterfalls to white-sand beaches.
From Cagayan de Oro Airport, you can hire a taxi or van (if you are many) to take you to the Balingoan Port. From there, Camiguin Island’s Benoni Port is only an hour away by riding a ferry.
After a tiring travel, you might want to soak in cool waters. Katibawasan Falls might be your best choice. This is not far from Mambajao town. It’s a magnificent 76 meter high falls perfectly located at the heart of the island. This is the best place to dip and to have relaxation surrounded by Mother Nature’s tantalizing forest. Many souvenir shops can be found just outside the entrance gate of this waterfall.

After being welcomed by one of the Island’s best waterfalls, a soak in hot and crystal clear water might add in your marvelous island experience. Ardent Hot Springs is only a mere 20 minutes from Katibawasan Falls. It’s located in the mountainside of the famous landmark Mount Hibok-hibok which supplies the refreshing warm waters to the 4 separate pools which are arranged a level higher to the other like a staircase. The highest pool contains the highest temperature with just above 40 degrees Celsius.

Camiguin Island is also the home of one of the most unique spots in the archipelago – the White Island. From any of the beach fronts resorts that face the island, a boat can be hired and will take you there in no more than 15 minutes. White Island is an unoccupied “C” shaped white sandbar. This is a purely flat island of white sands. There are no trees, no plants, or shelter of any kind, just pure white sands. This is what makes the attraction unique. However, umbrellas can be rented. This is an exemplary spot for sunbathing and admiring the view of endless horizon of the blue sea.

/// Written by Prince Mark M. The Philippines