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The Dispensary, Blending The Old & New

The Dispensary, what greets you when you first step in is the interesting blend of old furniture with new concept, the back of the counter is a huge cabinet with little pigeon holes used to store traditional Chinese herbs. The next thing that catches your eye is the cabinet filled with old and nostalgic Chinese earthen wares, walking up a small and cozy wooden staircase to the second floor where there are small two seating tables which are perfect for dates. They also have a kopitiam seating where there are many small table and two arm chairs which is awesome for a wonderful date which I did and let’s call my date Miss Scorpio

The atmosphere is filled with fragrance from the past emanating from the old furniture and displays that dates back to the 70s and 80s and that’s only those that I can recognize. As you walk towards the back there is an open air area which caters to people who wish to blend in with the atmosphere by moving away from air conditioning to natural wind, switching from seating under fluorescent light to basking under natural light.

I order a classic latte while Miss Scorpio got mocha, they made it on the spot for us at the counter as we ordered and took out the cheese cake from the fridge, the staffs was very friendly and approachable. We got our drinks and cheese cakes and make our way past the cozy staircase to the open air portion of the cafe. The mocha was unexpected, because it was not very chocolaty the sweetness was replace by a strong cocoa taste with a hint of coffee that leaves a bitter sweet aftertaste that’s rather addictive. Next we have the latte, the aroma was okay, but the taste was a rather lovely blend of milk and coffee where the bitterness of coffee was submerge in the milk while allowing just the right amount of bitterness to escape and captured by the milk producing a blissful smile on my face, to which Miss Scorpio asked what was I smiling about, I replied “the coffee which was made sweeter by your presence”. Good line right? you can thank me later =D


For cheese cake I got The Blue Berry Cheese while Miss Scorpio got Red Velvet, the blue berry cheese was like a slow acting drug, taste blend at first but then comes a rich rush of cheesy feeling, the blue berry were in large chunks so you will get a rush of blueberry taste when you bite down on one. For red velvet it was calm and slow acting, it feels like eating cake with white chocolate because of the milky top covering that leaves a flora aftertaste in the mouth. Now it’s time to leave the imaginary land and visit the cafe!


The Dispensary
69 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168723
Tel: 6536 0225
Fax: 6536 0355
Email: bake@thedispensary.com.sg

Business Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 9:00am to 9:00pm
Friday-Sat: 9:00am to 10:00pm

/// Written by Guok Mee Han, Singapore