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The Enjoyment in a Bowl of Ribs Stew, Indonesia

For those of you who are ribs lovers, you have to taste this Indonesian dish. Ribs stew is a dish blended with various herbs. Indonesia is rich in spices, providing all the ingredients needed to cook this dish. By combining garlic, pepper and other seasonings, the ribs will taste so special. A bowl of ribs stew with a little bit of lime juice and chili will definitely spoil your tongue.

The secret of delights of this Indonesian dish, apart from the broth of the ribs, is the spices. Indonesia has a variety of spices and they are spread all over the region. The country’s tropical climate allows many varieties of plants flourish. Based on the Indonesian history, it was a beautiful region that attracted many explorers from around the world. The spices in Indonesia were the major attraction that made traders from China, Europe and Arabs become the regular visitors of this region. Today, those spices are the ingredients that make the ribs stew special. In fact, the complex history of Indonesia makes the spices in ribs stew have a deeper meaning.

Nutmeg and cloves are two main spices used for cooking the ribs stew. In addition to adding unique aroma, the two spices will stimulate your sense of taste. Although the gravy of the stew looks clear, this dish offers rich flavor. With a little sprinkling of fried onions, this Indonesian ribs stew will make you fly in the air. Choose a glass of orange juice or tea as the beverage; its freshness will add the enjoyment of the dish flavor. If you want to taste the delicious flavor of ribs stew, you can find it in various Indonesian restaurants serving traditional dishes of Sulawesi.


/// Written by Nadia Maharani, Indonesia