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Wassenaar Beach Resort, a Hidden Aklan Gem, The Philippines

When people hear about Aklan, what comes to mind is the famous island of Boracay. Some people even think that Aklan is a part of Boracay instead of the other way around. One thing is true about Aklan, though, it offers the finest beaches in the Philippines. One of these beautiful beaches would be the Jawili Beach in Tangalan where The Wassenaar Beach Resort is located.

To get to The Wassenaar Beach Resort, you just need to take the jeepney from Kalibo to get to Tangalan. When you reach the Tangalan proper, you will then ride a tricycle and head straight to the resort. In case that you will be coming from Caticlan which is in another direction, you may ride a van or a bus going to Tangalan. This is most likely where you will be coming from if you arrived in Caticlan Airport instead of the Kalibo International Airport or if you are going to The Wassenaar Beach Resort from Boracay Island.
The beach resort, like most beaches, boasts about its magnificent view of the sunrise and sunset in contrast with the deep blue and clear green sea.




Now what makes The Wassenaar Beach Resort special? It is the tranquility and the sheer simplicity when compared to the busy shores and active night life in Boracay. Although there is nothing wrong with that, we would also need some quiet time, just let our hair down and put our feet up, watch the wonders of nature and take the time to meditate or reflect. The resort offers a variety of rooms that you may use for your overnight stay aside from the open cottages for day use. There are air-conditioned and fan rooms, a whole house that is perfect for a big group of family or friends, or dormitory type rooms that are also air-conditioned.
You always have choices in The Wassenaar Beach Resort. Aside from the rooms where you will stay, you may choose whether to swim in the sea or the pool. For those who are staying overnight, the pool use is free and if you will just be staying for the day, there would be a minimal fee for the pool but it is definitely worth it.
Food is also served in this place and the must try’s would be the Beef and Mushroom, Pancit Canton, and Shrimp Brittle.

The Wassenaar Beach Resort offers fascinating sights, comfortable amenities, and good food for a total getaway experience.


/// Written by Angelica Domingo, The Philippines