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The New Burger in Town! , Malaysia

The quintessential comfort food includes mom’s hot stew, a big sloppy bowl of mac n cheese, a fat juicy burger or for the broken soul, a tub of ice cream and a very big spoon. Malaysia being the country of food, food and more food, you can bet your bottom ringgit that comfort (in the form of grub) is on every other street.

From brick and mortar restaurants to famous street food, we’ve got it all. But today, I found something a little different. See, one of Malaysia’s foodie cultures include the ever famous Ramlee burger, one of the better street food the country has to offer. While there are some varieties of this famous burger stall, not many of them have what it takes to be truly unique. They’re all the same in menu, with slight variants and can be found on street corners in every nook.

But what I’ve come across is something more than just your regular burger stall; it’s a small business built on passion, inspiration and the love for street burgers. The brainchild of two young and aspiring chefs, the Lucy Joe burger stall was born in a small corner of Restaurant Uncle Rahmat, a popular hangout spot for the 20-something year old boys and their group of friends. It couldn’t be any more perfect.

Decked out in aprons and eager grins, the boys are friendly, quick and ready to serve their homemade goodness. Inspired by the American palette, they serve Sloppy Joes and Juicy Lucy burgers which are made with a personal recipe. The chefs use fresh homemade patties and their menu offers a choice of chicken, beef, and the occasional lamb. To cater to their health conscious customers, they’ve also recently introduced a vegetarian choice, made to taste almost as good as the real thing. Seriously!

The Juicy Lucy burger is a flame grilled patty put together in freshly toasted buns and made palatable with a variety of condiments including a special cheese sauce. Each bite is soft, juicy and oh-so-succulent; you simply cannot say “here, finish mine”. There’s even an extra crunch in the meal serving as it comes with a handful of nachos! If you’re big on meats then rev up that appetite and go for a double or triple patty.


If you prefer frankfurters over meat patties, then hold your sighs! Because you can have a Sloppy Joe instead! It’s a delicious hot dog made with a fresh homemade sauce that leaves you wishing each bite could be savoured for…just a little longer. Truly putting the yums in your tums! Making their meals as unique as possible, the chefs occasionally offer Rasta themed Joes, by adding reds and greens to their sausages upon request.


If you’re a lover of street food and want a quick bite for dinner, supper or the in-betweens, then give this spot a try. After all, a hungry tummy must be filled! If you don’t appreciate meaty dinner choices, then tsk tsk, Jughead Jones will be very disappointed!

Jucy Lucy vs. Sloppy Joes can be found in Restaurant Uncle Rahmat on Jalan Ara Kiri 2, Bangsar, Selangor.