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What to wear when travelling to Thailand

Taking a trip to the Land of Smiles in Asia should be something to consider if you’re looking for an enjoyable holiday with the family. Because of the vast array of activities and locations to explore, you can have long full days of leisurely fun that’s bound to relax your body and mind from months of hard work.

The country is also blessed with wonderful beaches, vast jungles, historic temples and growing cities. This, combined with the country’s tropical climate may mean you might have to prepare a wide array of outfits that will suit all your city and mountain expeditions.

So, without further ado, here are some of our recommendations on what to wear when traveling to Thailand.

What to Wear When Traveling to Thailand

We’ve broken down our list of clothing recommendations into categories. Read below to find out which pieces to incorporate to your outfits.


The most important part of your outfit actually begins with your undergarments, especially when traveling all day. Whether you’re wearing a swimsuit under your clothes so you can be ready to jump into the blue waters or you have a bra and underwear on, making sure that these pieces are breathable and comfortable is crucial!

For example, when going out hiking, think about your clothes and the things you’ll be bringing. If you’re going to have a backpack on, consider wearing supportive pieces such as a bra designed to help with shoulder pain for women or sturdy ankle support boots for men. Make this a valuable consideration when putting together your ensembles.


Tops can either make or break an outfit. Here are the options you can go for on your lush vacation. Before we share the various tops that work well for Thailand travels, it’s important to

Tube or bandeau

Probably the most versatile and most airy article of clothing you can wear is a tube top or a bandeau. Wearing these as tops can create different outfits for you, depending on what you wear them with. You can also wear the garment on its own with a turban for the ultimate islander feel.

Cami or tank top

If it’s a bright and sunny day and all you can think about is the feeling of warmth on your skin, then a tank or cami top is perfect. It’s a basic tropical holiday staple that you can dress up or down with a kimono and some accessories. Don’t forget that it keeps you cool all day too.


For a similar effect with a bit more coverage, you can always go sleeveless. A sleeveless top can give you the same warmth and breeze you want, and it can be a lot dressier than the previous option. It’s yet another suitable match for a day out in the sun.

Airy blouse or button-down

Sometimes, a tank top or muscle tee just won’t work. A light blouse or a button-down is perfect for all your temple visitations and sight-seeing. It’s coverage makes you stylishly appropriate while staying breezy enough to keep up with the weather.

Flowy dress or jumpsuit

For days when you just can’t be bothered to match your tops and bottoms, an easy airy one-piece will always do the trick. While easy to put on, this outfit gives off a polished look that will make it seem like you put hours into it.

Sweat-wicking shirt

An excursion at the beautiful mountains of Thailand shouldn’t be taken lightly. For maximum comfortability, coming prepared with a sweat-wicking dri-fit top will ensure you that you don’t feel the weight and stickiness of a sweaty cotton shirt. That also means zero distractions from the scenic views and landscapes as you make your way to the top.


Now that we’ve gone over the different tops you can wear, here are some of our bottom recommendations to go with them.


On top of our recommendations list for bottoms are a pair of shorts. This tropical holiday basic keeps your legs cool and free all day perfect for walking. It also gives off a relaxed vibe that’s well suited to someone on a sunlit vacation.


If lightness and flexibility is what you’re after, then you can never go wrong with leggings. While its body hugging material can be too hot on a sunny day, they provide you with the best range of motion that you can only get with this type of bottom. Good not only for walking, but also for hiking and other physically demanding explorations.

Flowy pants

Wanting to look chic and stylish minus the heat? Donning a flowy pair of pants to an island destination is a trend for good reason. Other than providing you the coverage you need, flowy pants nowadays come in different varieties and materials so you can find the best one for you and your Thailand getaway.


An outfit isn’t an outfit without shoes. Wearing the appropriate ones to a place where there are loads of indoor and outdoor activities is extremely important to maximize your trip. Check out our picks below.


Slippers are a must-have for any tropical vacation. They’re incredibly low maintenance and care-free. They’re for the days when you’re lounging by the beach or hanging by the pool. You don’t even need to worry about them getting wet.


When you’re thinking about relaxing on a casual day in Thailand, sandals will probably be your best bet. Other than being light and airy, they’re laid back and easy to put on. From walking through the sandy beaches to taking boat rides, sandals are a perfect option for your feet.


For a day of exploring around town, a comfy pair of sneakers will always have your back. Because your feet are well supported, you can walk around all day without feeling pain or fatigue.

Athletic shoes

On days where you’re set to conquer the mountains and landscapes of Thailand, you will want to sport the appropriate athletic shoes for your activities. Not only will this mean you get the support you need for your foot, but it also ensures your safety on dangerous hikes and explorations.


Now that we’ve gone over your outfit essentials, here are some accessories you might want to consider to make the most out of your vacation.


Whether you’re out and about exploring their most famous tourist spots and buddhist temples, wearing a hat can get you through the day when the sun is just too hot. In addition, your hair can get damaged and your skin might burn from overexposure to the sun, so it’s best that you save yourself the trouble and wear one to protect yourself.


It’s not only your hair and skin that can get damaged from overexposure, but also your eyes. Outdoors, our eyes are affected by the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. It is the culprit that can potentially damage your eyes over time. Make sure to include protective shades to your checklist.

Additional Items to Bring


Whether you’re exploring the buzzing food districts, towns, or the exceptional landscapes, the sun will probably be beating down on you anywhere you go. It’s a good idea to take a small umbrella for all your adventures. You never know when you might need extra protection from those harmful rays or the random rain storms!


While the warm climate is the most common type of weather you’ll experience, it’s always good to come prepared. A raincoat will effortlessly save you from a sudden storm. Plus, it’s extremely light to carry around and won’t take up much space in your bag.

Water Bottle

Bringing your own refillable water container ensures you have something to quench your thirst when you feel parched from all the walking or hiking. In addition, not only do you get to save money on buying water bottles, you also get to be a responsible caretaker of the environment by avoiding single-use plastics.

Helpful Tips for What To Expect

Now that we’ve gone through our clothing recommendations, here are a couple of tips you should know as you prepare your outfits.

  • Your outfit has to be versatile. Unless you’re planning to stay for weeks in Thailand, you’re going to have to prepare outfits that can take you anywhere. Whether it’s shopping at their markets or riding an elephant at the zoo, your ensemble has to be flexible enough to enjoy the whirlwind of activities you’ve got planned.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Aside from making sure your attire is versatile, this has to be one of the most important things to remember. Going out to explore a country when you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing will only make the day seem long and never-ending. You’ll tire easily and you won’t get to enjoy the trip.
  • Respect their culture. When you visit their sacred dwelling places, make sure to be mindful of what you have on. You don’t see natives entering temples in shorts and open-toed shoes. Show these places the same amount of respect you would your church and dress accordingly.
  • It’s going to be hot. Since a lot of what Thailand has to offer is experienced outdoors, the warm and sunny climate won’t always be your best friend. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause you headaches, burns, among many others. Do your research and come prepared with the appropriate clothing as we’ve recommended earlier. You won’t regret it.


There you have it, a complete list of clothing recommendations and styling tips for you and your family. We hope you enjoy your trip to the Land of Smiles!