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The Pearl of the Orient’s Best Kept Foodie Secret, The Philippines

Tucked in the heart of suburban, sleepy Quezon City, Philippines there lies a culinary gem steeped in tradition and heirloom dishes that still echoes the sentimental and familiar taste of your grandmother’s most prized home dish. No matter which region from the 7,107 islands you come from, Adarna’s Food and Culture’s cuisine is truly a Filipino treat that can be considered as luxury. Not that it costs like a swanky five star restaurant, the quality at Adarna’s is stupendous—yes, and you have owner Chef Giney Villar to thank your lucky taste buds. If you’re hankering for a truly unique Filipino experience, this isn’t your typical Max’s or Aristocrat, so be prepared for a truly inspiring and remarkable treat. If you thought you’ve had your fill of all the traditional Filipino dishes such as Kare Kare (Oxtail and veggies in peanut soup served with shrimp paste) then you have yet to taste the other magical and equally delicious food the pearl of the orient has to offer.


The menu includes extensive cuisine that spans from Northern Luzon to Mindanao. A dish from the Bicol region, aptly called the Bicol Express which is commonly served as minced pork with chopped green chilies, are interestingly stuffed in the chilies itself and bathed in the rich, silky coconut milk broth with a pleasant, lingering heat. The dishes are served family style and there’s enough for everyone to go around. Another excellent dish and just as exotic is the Piassok. Originating from Sulu, this hearty beef stew is slowly cooked with smoked coconut cream with ten different spices rendering that rich and complex hearty quality. Not only is it a family restaurant, it’s also a mini museum filled with interesting family and historical artifacts and antiques. There’s a collection of showbiz memorabilia from the ’50 and the ‘70s in the Silid ng Bituin (Room of the Stars). Silid ng Reyna (Room of the Queen) holds a collection of photos of the turn of the century Manila Carnival Queen Pageant and Patio Rosas is filled with a 1957 jukebox and a sari-sari store where you can get free local candies.

The Philippines has a rich and colorful heritage when it comes to its diverse cuisine speckled with Malay, Chinese and Spanish influences. So the next time you visit the Metro a food tour around Binondo, Quezon City and the rest of Metro Manila is in order. Right across the airport, there are also great restaurants in Resorts World and you can also play at the shiny, exciting casinos.