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5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Pangandaran in Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its breathtaking nature–Mountains, waterfalls, pristine beaches, you name it! Most destinations for tourist such as Bali do have all of these. However, big crowds can ruin your trip. There are many abundant places to be found on this archipelago, and one in particular that you should include to your ‘must- visit’ list is a small beach town called Pangandaran, in the south coast of West Java.

Here are the top five reasons why you should visit this little gem of Java:


Unlike other destinations in Indonesia where hotels have become the dominant force, Pangandaran is still untouched by five stars hotels. This is not to say that there is no hotel, of course. There are plenty of places to stay where you can still feel the local culture. Mini Tiga Homestay is one popular place for backpackers to stay. Located in front of the main beach, easy access to restaurants and bars.

2.Diverse Nature

Pangandaran is surrounded by picturesque nature. There are waterfalls, jungles, white sand beach, canyons, and paddy fields. It’s definite that you will have a wonderful and adventurous day!

3.Crowd size

If you are looking to have a quiet and solitary get away, look no further! Pangandaran is the place to be. Only a handful backpackers flock to this small beach town. Even in high season, tourists are still countable. Explore the beach yourself and find spots where you will find no one but yourself! That’s right, just a beach to yourself!

4.The local culture

One very important factor when visiting another country is to experience the local culture. In pangandaran, you will definitely live it! You can visit the local fish market where the morning catch of seafood is being sold or go to a Wayang workshop, a local puppet handicrafts from west java, and see how they are made.

5.The Surf

Are you an experienced surfer?or eager to learn? Pangandaran is suitable for any level. The beach break on the west side is perfect for beginners. You can easily find the local surf instructor that are more than happy to share their waves with you! The beach is also home to challenging reef breaks for those of you who likes a challenge. Unlike Bali, there are no surf traffic in the water! You will get plenty of waves.