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A small Island with much to offer, Camiguin

You might be wondering what kind of excitement could a small island like Camiguin offer you. I do not even know if you have ever heard about this majestic island. It is not as popular as it should be given the amount of tourist actions that it could offer but it is currently gaining popularity among local and foreign tourists. With an air of mysticism, let me tell you more about this island as learn more about it. As small as having only 240 kilometres land area, Camiguin is said to be the second smallest island in the Philippines. Amazingly, the place is blessed with its natural beauty and even some natural fortune like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Did you know that the Sunken Cemetery was one of those, in 1800s when Mt.Vulcan erupted, caused the old town of Catarman to submerge below the sea and left it with just the remains of the ruins of churches? There are some historic stories that go along with these structures. Like old Spanish churches, and Spanish ancestral homes, these will bring you back to Camiguin’s history. Talking about its natural beauty makes the place even more interesting. Apart from the historic background that makes the island more fascinating, there is a lot of spots that this island can make you visit.


You will surely not run out of adventure in Camiguin. The place is rich in white sand beaches, water falls, springs, and volcanoes. With its jungle-like view, trees and ferns, it would be very refreshing to travel take a dip into one of its waterfalls. Among the wonderful falls that it offers, Katibawasan falls and Tuawasan falls are the most wonderful as each are bestowed with unique and different features. In addition, Mantigue Island is a place to look forward to, just a few minutes from Camiguin. It is a perfect place to go if you fancy a white sand beach and snorkeling.


If you’ve had enough of the beaches so far, you can try Camiguin’s springs. If you like it to be cold, you can try Santo Nino cold spring at 20 degrees Celsius. It also offers fish massage for optimal relaxation. I have never even tried fish massage before but this is really must-try. It is truly something to look forward to upon visiting the cold spring. On the other hand, if you like your springs hot, you might as well try the spring heated by the inactive volcano Mount Hibok-hibok, at 40 degrees Celsius, then take a dip into Ardent Hotspring. The Island is also an adventure park. It is full of forest and trekking trails. A lot of my mountaineering friends look forward to the challenging trek on the steep volcanoes. It is really a call for adventurous people to try to go through this trail.

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Naturally, this is an island to look forward to and definitely try visiting. It is a haven to be during the weekends whether it is with friends or family.

/// Written by Hannah S. Al-Nuaimi, The Philippines