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Bagasbas Beach, the Gem of Daet

The Bicol region of Philippines is certainly known for many things throughout the country – its cultivation of the incredibly spicy siling labuyo (a tiny yet powerful wild pepper), the famous Bicol Express dish loved around the Philippines, the indigenous and delectable pili nut, and some of the best surfing spots in the Philippines.

Bagasbas Beach is one such surfing spot, highly ranked on websites such as TripAdvisor and Google reviews. What may be surprising is that despite the raving reviews Bagasbas Beach gets for its excellent waves and 2 km stretch of fine sand, it is quite calm and devoid of overcrowding. This makes it an excellent gem of the Philippines for tourists seeking a relaxing beach that isn’t overcrowded like Boracay or El Nido, more famous tourist resorts in the country. This may be due to the fact that Daet is a bit out of the way – the nearest airport is in Naga City, which is approximately 2 hours away by bus or van.

Things to Do in Bagasbas Beach, Daet

Surfing Lessons at Bagasbas Beach

For about 400 pesos per hour ($20 USD), you can rent a surfboard and personal instructor. There are plenty of surfboard rental shops along the beach, and reservations are generally not necessary, due to the low beach population. Gentle surfing season is generally considered to be November to March, when the waves are smaller and easier for beginners. Experienced surfers should plan their vacation during typhoon season between July and August, when swells can reach up to 7ft.

Try the Local Cuisine

While there are a handful of tourist-friendly restaurants sprinkled along the main street of Bagasbas Beach, the real treats can be found in the local canteens – tiny, family-operated eateries. These canteens may appear sparse from the outside, most often just a few tables inside a bamboo structure, but the foods served up are absolutely delicious. Inside these canteens you’ll find selections of the best, home-cooked Bicol recipes for extremely affordable prices. A lunch for 5 people inside these canteens should generally cost no more than $6 USD.

Paraglide over the Scenery

A handful of the surfboard rental shops in Bagasbas Beach also offer paragliding services, for around $75 USD per day. This is an excellent way to glide over all the scenery Bagasbas Beach has to offer and beyond; the paragliding services usually offer long-distance paragliding trips, such as Bagasbas to San Miguel Bay, which is about 15km distance.