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Be Captivated by the Pink Sand Beach of Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

Want to get in touch with nature? Want to spend a day for a relaxing experience and summer escapade? If yes, then come and visit Zamboanga City’s pride of ‘rare’ pink sand beaches – the Santa Cruz Islands with its great and little islands, located in the southwestern part of the Philippines just a few kilometers away across the strait.

With long stretch powdery white sand beach with pink hues or specks because of the corals (red organ pipe coral) that disintegrate through time, the Great Santa Cruz Island (referring to ‘Isla Grande de Santa Cruz’) is boasted as the country’s only pink sand beach. Accordingly, a pink sand beach is very rare and there are only a few of them around the globe. And lucky for the Philippines for it was blessed with such a tourist attraction. No need to go far and look for a pink sand beach because it is right here in Southeast Asia – the Philippines.

This is the perfect place where you can experience nature at its best – no crowded beaches, no loud music, definitely no water pollution, no fancy restaurants and food stalls, and no 24-hour electricity but just the picturesque view of peaceful serene waters and pristine beaches of the islands.


Here you can enjoy picnicking and grilling, swimming, playing volleyball, snorkeling, and diving. There is definitely no food and water available so it is best to bring water and own food during the stay in the island.

Just a 20-minute motorboat ride from downtown Zamboanga City and one can reach the Great Santa Cruz Island. It is an environment protected area so booking should be done prior to going there. Just coordinate to the DOT (Department of Tourism) in Lantaka Hotel by the Sea.

It is worth an experience! To all beach lovers and enthusiasts alike, come and visit the pink sand beach of Santa Cruz Island and feel the pampering treat of nature at its best.